Olympic show jumping gallery

Relive the wonderful action at Rio through the lens of Libby Law. Her gallery of photos from the last of the action in the individual rounds is here for you to enjoy.

Show jumping was the most popular of the equestrian competitions, although in saying that, we haven’t heard how many attended eventing’s cross-country day. Let’s say the stands were the fullest on the last day for the individual competition. The field included all the big guns of jumping, the superstars of the circuits. They all desperately wanted to win, and there were many tears shed, by both men and women, as dreams fell by the wayside because of one little rail or, even worse, one time fault. Nick Skelton’s win was the fairy-tale finish and a very popular one. Both Big Star and Nick have had more than their share of injuries, the preparation was less than ideal, but they triumphed over all of the issues, and everyone loves such a “rising from the ashes” story.

There are more stories still to be told, and more photographs to be displayed. Let’s start with the incredible photos that Libby took of the last of the equestrian action in the Deodoro Equestrian Venue at Rio.