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Jonelle’s dressage: ‘It was blooming close’

Jonelle Price and Grovine de Reve (image: Libby Law) Jonelle Price and Grovine de Reve have got New...

What a cross-country course!

The start box Fence one, Flowerbed, is intricate but inviting, to get the horses going

Tokyo dressage: Germany in control

The powerhouse nations of dressage are to the fore after a second, thrilling day of competition at the Tokyo Olympics.

Sensational start to Tokyo dressage

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl rides TSF Dalera, Photo: Libby Law Photography It may have been a long time coming,...

Dressage horses put their best hoof forward to get Olympic Equestrian...

Charlotte Dujardin presents Gio Carl Hester presents En Vogue Carl Hester's En Vogue...

10 Unforgettable Olympians: Saba Sam

Rider: Graeme Hansen Tokyo, 1964 If you’ve ever been to the Horse of the Year Show, you might have heard of the Saba Sam Shield –...