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Body protectors: what you need to know

August 1 2020 was the date that a new minimum standard for body protectors was introduced in...

FIRE! Here’s what you need to know

Raging bushfires are – thankfully – not common in New Zealand. But with more extremes in weather patterns forecast, and in particular drought conditions...

When disaster strikes!

It begins as a cold southerly breeze. As the day progresses the wind grows to storm force, bringing with it driving rain. The wind chill...

Will statistics improve eventing safety?

In 2016, Eventing Ireland became the first nation worldwide to use the EquiRatings Quality Index system (ERQI) – the cross-country risk analysis indictors developed...

Mind your melon! New riding helmet standards released

This is an important safety update on changes to equestrian riding helmet standards. The EU Commission has withdrawn the equestrian riding helmet standards EN 1384...