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Andrew puts up good fight but loses crown

A Frenchman has stolen Andrew Nicholson's King of Barbury crown by beating him in the Event Rider Masters 3* competition, and making the win...

Badminton excitement overdrive!

What a competition we saw unfold at the Badminton Horse Trials, culminating in New Zealand and German domination of the leaderboard. Only 37% of the...

Leonidas’ biggest fan

Objectivity and a calm demeanour are good traits for any journalist, but reporter Gabriele Pochhammer from Germany has found following 'Rider of the Century' Mark...

Jung’s Badminton, Jung’s Grand Slam

What a finish to an amazing competition, and congratulations Michael Jung, with your beautiful La Biosthetique Sam FBW, for not only winning Badminton 2016 but...