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The 12 ways of winners

What defines true star quality in a rider? Does it come down to having extraordinary feel or courage – or is sheer...

Comeback king! James Cottle takes the Pro-Am

It's been 20 years since James Cottle last rode in the main arena at the Horse of the Year Show. But the 39-year-old has...

John Cottle: master and commander

John Cottle is one of New Zealand’s most highly-regarded riders and trainers, and has had a hand in the careers of many other successful...

Tyla Hackett: Junior Rider of the Year

  Waiuku's Tyla Hackett won Junior Rider of the Year on her lovely and very fast Gin. “I’ve been wanting to win a title, the...

15 Great Show Jumping Tips

Our experts for this story were top NZ show jumpers John Cottle (Auckland), Matt Gilmour (Taranaki), Rosie Commons (Auckland) and Kate Taylor (Canterbury) AT HOME 1. Flatwork...