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Broodmare care

The exciting breeding season is well under way! Many of us have spent long months eagerly awaiting...

Your foal’s first weeks

Early days Newborn foals should spend around a third of their time lying down....

Should I breed from my mare?

Spring is here, and so will be the adorable long-limbed foals we all love to see frolicking...

Great expectations: a guide to foal birth

It is that exciting time of year again when our foals are about to be born. You may be hoping for the birth of...

Vaccination for young horses

Q: Can you please tell me a general vaccination plan for a young horse? My mare is due shortly with her first foal -...

Getting foals ready for weaning

Weaning is an important stage in any young mammal’s life – and horses are no exception. Many breeders at this time of year will...