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Dressage Training Customized (Britta Schoffmann)


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Dressage Training Customized

Schooling the horse as best suits his individual personality and conformation

By Britta Schoffmann

Train your horse according to his type, and you’ll discover he learns movements faster, performs them better, and enjoys exploring the sport of dressage alongside you. In this book, you’ll find out how to read your horse’s:

  • Character. Is he quiet or spooky, hyper or placid, lazy or an overachiever, sensitive or resistant?
  • Conformation. Is he short-coupled or long-backed? Is his neck set high or low? Slab-sided or wide?
  • Gender. Does he have a gelding’s placid disposition? Is she a mare with mood swings?
  • Breed. Does his breed impact his ability to perform dressage movements?

With your horse’s type in mind, you can then alter the Training Scale accordingly. This is the key to your dressage success.

(Hardback, 170 pages)


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