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For the joy of horses

Joy and Cool Jazz competing at Hunua (Image: Libby Law) There’s a familiar sight on cross-country day at...

Tim’s number one!

The view from the top! Tim Price has reached number one in the world eventing rankings (Image: Libby Law)

My girl and me

TGinny and Hazel Thompson (Image: Libby Law) There’s no doubt that many of our country’s top riders appear...

Honouring the brave

  Of the 10,000 New Zealand horses who were sent to the First World War, only four came back. As Marcus J Wilson wrote in his...

Eventing’s rule shakedown: what you need to know

The Adelaide three-day event looks set to lose its status among the world’s elite-level competitions, if eventing rule changes proposed by sport’s international governing...

Young horse training: forward & flexible

I break my horses in at three, which is a good age. I don’t want to leave it any longer, because they get too...