HOY: Grand Prix gets under way

Melissa Galloway and Windermere J’Obei W won the Grand Prix (image: Libby Law)

Melissa Galloway and Windermere J’Obei W are having a spectacular season, and there were no surprises when they won the CDI FEI Grand Prix at Hastings today on 69.64%. Melissa was perhaps unlucky to not quite crack the 70% barrier, as she did in Australia recently, but she was still delighted with her increasingly consistent ‘Joey’. As always, the trot half-passes, passage and flying changes were a highlight, and there were no real mistakes in the test.

“He felt amazing, and we all thought he did one of his best Grands Prix – probably even better than he did in Australia,” she says. 

Melissa was thrilled with her test (image: Libby Law)

Melissa was also third in the Grand Prix with Windermere Johanson W on 66.44%, while Bill Millar and Raukura Satori MH were second on 66.84%.

Second-placed William Millar and Raukura Satori MH (image: Libby Law)

Cassandra Dally and Jazdan D’Movistar CD won the National Grand Prix class on 62.33%.

Cassandra Dallly and Jazdan D’Movistar CD (image: Libby Law)

Wendi Williamson won the Advanced freestyle riding Bon Jovi MH with 72.29% and was also second on Don Vito MH, scoring 70.91%. Wendi and Don Vito also won 6C to end up taking out the title for Advanced Dressage Horse of the Year.

Dressage Pony of the Year went to Samuel Gradowski-Smith on Heritage Don Quilla. The Elementary Dressage Pony of the Year was Morgan Abel-Pattinson with Pioneer North East and Elementary Dressage Horse of the Year was Cindy Wiffen on Santana MH. Piper Crake and Glenvar Bramble won both their title tests and were Novice Dressage Pony Champions while the Prelim Dressage Pony Champion was Emily Townsend on Moonlight Skye.

Pony winners Samuel Gradowski-Smith and Heritage Don Quilla (image: Libby Law)