Taupo’s trot-up

Balmy sunshine is not usually part of the weather report from the National Three-day Eventing Championships, but today Taupo turned on a stunner for the first horse inspection.

The event this year is boosted by hosting the Oceania Championships (formerly known as the Trans-Tasman challenge), with three Australian teams taking part under a trial of the new Olympic format, which has teams of three plus an alternate/substitute.

The riders for the senior New Zealand teams were named today after the trot-up: Sam Lissington heads the A-team (aka NZ Black) with Ricker Ridge Rui, and she’s joined by Madison Crowe with Waitangi Pinterest, and Muzi Pottinger with Just Kidding. Bundy Philpott and Tresca NZPH are the substitute/alternate for this team.

(L-R) NZ Black: Bundy Philpott, Sam Lissington, Muzi Pottinger and Madi Crowe, with chef d’equipe Jock Paget (www.takethemoment.co.nz)

The NZ Silver team is Abigail Long with Enzo, Renee Faulkner with Rubinstar HH, and Monica Oakley with Acrobat, with Jackson Bovill and Visionnaire the substitute/alternate.

NZ Silver (L-r): Monica Oakley, Jackson Bovill, chef d’equipe Penny Castle, Abigail Long and Renee Faulkner (www.takethemoment.co.nz)

The Australian A-team is Shane Rose with Ultimate Velocity, Sonja Johnson and Misty Isle Valentino, and Emma Bishop with CP Issey Miyake. Jessica Rae and Rascal are the alternates.

And the Aussie B-team is Emma Mason with Warrego Marco Polo, Jade Findlay with Oaks Cordelia, and Amanda Ross with Dicavalli Diesel. Madeline Wilson and I’m Bruce are the alternates.

The NRM CCI3* Championship started dressage today, and after 16 combinations, Monica Oakley and Man of Honour are at the top of the leaderboard, scoring 31.6pen.

Monica Oakley and Man of Honour (www.takethemoment.co.nz)

The Young Rider Oceania challenge is part of this class, and the first two team riders for each side competed today. Australian Jordan Faint is in interim second, on Double S Evergreen Jackpot, on 32.2, while NZ’s Beth Wilson is fourth on Alto et Audax (36.6). 

Jordan Faint and Double S Evergreen Jackpot (www.takethemoment.co.nz)

Tomorrow the rest of the 40-strong field will do their tests, including New Zealand team riders Vicky Browne-Cole and Cutting Edge, Lucy Turner on Astek Victor, and Katrina Butler-Gallie on Tarndale Endeavour.

Gemma Hampson and Just Rock On (www.takethemoment.co.nz)
Imogen Morrison and Agricola (www.takethemoment.co.nz)
Hayley Pickmere and Makers Mark (www.takethemoment.co.nz)
Savanna Stirling and Ngahiwi Lenny (www.takethemoment.co.nz)
Stephanie Vervoort and Giddyup (www.takethemoment.co.nz)
Charlotte Treneary and the 148cm Kabo Pongo, the smallest horse taking on the CCN1* (www.takethemoment.co.nz)