Pintos under saddle

The Ridden Pinto titles were decided over a long, hot afternoon at the Land Rover Horse of the Year Show today.

Sizzle n Hot Hustler, the major winner in the Pinto pony section (Mel’s Moments)

The beautiful 17-year-old red dun overo American Paint, Sizzle n Hot Hustler, dominated the pony section for his owner, Sue Morrish. 

Ridden by Mikayla Wycliffe, he took out the Ridden Pinto Paced & Mannered Pony of the Year and the Ridden Pinto Pony of the Year; the pair also won the pony rider class.

In the hack section, Auckland’s Sarah Revis, who is more frequently seen show jumping, won both the Paced & Mannered Pinto Saddle Hunter and the Ridden Pinto Saddle Hunter of the Year, on her 10-year-old Triple Star Puzzled by Time.

Both the Paced & Mannered Pinto Show Horse and the Ridden Pinto Show Horse of the Year titles went to Toni Louisson and Impresario MCW. Toni is an accomplished full-time dressage rider, based in Fielding.

Toni Louisson and Impresario MCW, Ridden Pinto Show Horse of the Year (Mel’s Moments)

Harriet Redmond and Lakeview Side-step, a buckskin Arabian cross, won the rider class for 18 and over, and were also runners-up in the Pinto Show Horse of the Year. 

Harriet Redmond and Lakeview Side-step (Mel’s Moments)

Other results

Riding Star Ridden Pinto Horse: Jonelle Gray, Riverview Mix N Match

Rising Star Ridden Pinto Pony: Kimberley Blucher, Motutangi Mischief

Ridden Best Presented Pinto Pony: Olivia Haines, RMS Inkheart

Ridden Best Presented Pinto Horse: Debbie Sloane, Twin Blues Southern Jazz