Puhinui Trot-up (spoiler: it was WET!)

It was trot-up time at Puhinui today - and some riders shone despite the challenging conditions

It was wet, muddy and nothing like summer… but event riders are a gnarly bunch and everybody soldiered on at Puhinui today when the first horse inspection was held in biting wind and horizontal rain coming off the Manukau harbour.

Most of the trucks had to be towed into the grounds, making something of a logistical nightmare, but the good news is that dry weather is forecast for the next few days so fingers crossed that the grounds are able to dry out somewhat!

Though many riders opted for jeans and raincoats today – understandably – a few brave souls ventured out in bare limbs and bright colours. Here’s a few of the stand outs, thanks to our fantabulous Libby Law.

Christen Lane – always a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day
She can run, but she can’t hide… Abby Lawrence and Anonymous
A picture in pastel blue… Amanda Illston was working her spring wardrobe
Pick him! Corey Wood and Pick Up Line
Two gorgeous red-heads… Beth Wilson and Aramis
Vicky Browne-Cole and Cutting Edge displaying some airs above the ground
Best feet forward for Lucy Turner and Astek Victor
Taking a second look, Nick Brooks and For Fame
Jasmine Speake and the beautiful Moochi
Susan le Mesurier’s Sparky Malarkey lived up to his name!
It wouldn’t be a trot up without Dannie Lodder owning the track with her unmistakable style
Chloe Phillips-Harris added a pop of colour in her beautiful raspberry coat