Kiwis sitting pretty after dressage at Adelaide

New Zealand riders are poised for action after a successful dressage day in Adelaide

There are four New Zealand riders in the top 10 after the dressage phase of the four-star in the Mitsubishi Motors Adelaide Three-day Event. Emily Cammock is the best-placed Kiwi, fourth on Shaw Lee on 32.9, despite near disaster when she realised just a couple of horses before she was due in the arena that she had learned the wrong test! Luckily, Emily is a fast learner, and a quick five minute study and she was away, finishing just 1.9 penalties shy of the leader, Katie Taliana on Trevalgar II.

Emily Cammock and Shaw Lee, best placed Kiwis after dressage

Bundy Philpott and Tresca NZPH are sixth equal, with a test scoring 34.6, while fellow Kiwis Muzi Pottinger and Just Kidding, and Jess Woods and Just de Manzana, are close behind in 8th and 9th. There are only 5.5 penalties separating the top 10, so it’s anybody’s game at this stage.

Bundy says the track is big and bold, “and the time seems nuts”, so fingers crossed she and ‘Pete’ have a visit from the speed fairy overnight.

Bundy Philpott and Tresca NZPH
Muzi Pottinger and Just Kidding
Jess Woods and Just de Manzana

Donna Edwards-Smith is 11th with DSE Tangolooma, scoring 36.5, and 20th with DSE Cluny, with 40.10.

Donna and DSE Tangolooma
Donna and DSE Cluny

Renee Faulkner and Rubinstar II are in 13th spot, with a score of 37.2.

Renee Faulkner and Rubinstar HH

Here’s a bit of what awaits them tomorrow:

A rather wide oxer for fence three
Fence five, the a is big but straight forward, the b is a skinny on a bending line
Fence 7 celebrates the sponsors, Mitsubishi Motors
Fence 9 is a tricky combination, here is the first element
Here’s the b-element
And the C element
Fence 13 has a number of elements as well
Fence 14, a skinny pallisade


Fence 15, a meaty picnic table
Fence 18, yet another turning combination requiring complete accuracy
A trakehner into the water? Why ever not…
This the front-on view, as the horses will see it
Heading for home, a maximum spread combination at fence 29
Riders will be happy to head on home through the archway at fence 31