Lucy leads National Young Rider class

Lucy Turner leads the Young Rider title class after a superb round on Carbon

Plenty of action on a much nicer day at the National Equestrian Centre in Christchurch and there were plenty of changes on the leader board.

Lincoln’s Lucy Turner has not only a good grasp on the National Young Rider title, but on her well-performed horse Carbon, she also leads the Ultimate Design and Renovation CCI2* Championship.

Lucy, who is also a Canterbury representative hockey player, made the course look easy and said she really went out there and attacked it. “I wanted to give him a good ride, as he is a good horse and it was a pretty tidy round,” she said. “He has pulled up perfectly, and I have no concerns for tomorrow at this point, but time will tell. I was looking at leading the Young Rider title, but to lead the two-star as well isn’t too bad!”

Overnight leader in the two-star class Angela Lloyd had a fall off Lyrical at fence 14 so was eliminated. Both horse and rider are fine. Courtney Davis (By Hoki) and Lydia Truesdale (Allander Rocket) both charged around the course looking very accomplished, and have moved up into second and third place.

Donna Edwards-Smith, from Te Kauwhata, has hit the lead in the CCI3* class on DSE Cluny but is only 0.3penalties ahead of Christchurch’s Kirsty Sharapoff on Shoot the Breeze so there will be no room for error in tomorrow’s show jumping.

Donna Smith and DSE Cluny had a good round over the three-star track to take a narrow lead

Donna was delighted with Cluny’s round. “He was very, very good, I didn’t push him for time since he hasn’t started for April,” she said afterwards. Although the weather was vastly improved on yesterday, it was still quite chilly, especially for riders from the North Island. “My hands were completely numb the last half of the course,” Donna said. It is four years since Donna has been down to compete here, and she said she really appreciated what the South Island organisers are doing, especially as she hopes to take Cluny to the four-star Adelaide event, depending on how he finished up here. She had bought a big team of nine horses with her, some ridden by her working pupils who had “ups and downs” but “it was all good,” she said.

Kirsty was rueing going a little slow at the start. “I was a bit tentative t the beginning, too slow off the mark,” she said. “He finished as strong as he started, and he just sussed out those flags and went for it.”

Emily Cammock did really well to even get out on the course on Shaw Lee, as she was struck down by a stomach bug her two children had suffered from earlier in the week. “I was really unwell, and nearly didn’t start. He was awesome though.” Emily did have a run out early in the course. “He slipped when he landed over the combination, and perhaps I wasn’t as mentally sharp as I rode him forward instead of sitting up.”

The leader after the dressage, Brent Jury and SE Hedge, had a couple of run outs so has dropped back to fourth place. He also wins the save of the day when he nearly came to grief over a fence, even pushing his horse’s bridle off but managed somehow to get back from in front of the saddle to the right place, and the bridle back on his horse without touching the ground so could continue on. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photos of that!

Christchurch’s Jordan Shrimpton has moved into the lead in the National Junior Rider Championship on Ka Pai Kiwi with Georgie Dickson (Tigerherz) second and Cambridge’s Jasmyne Speake (DSE Beyond Compare) third. Oamaru’s Paige Hardwick (Ivanoff) is right behind in fourth, and the show jumping will be very important for these youngsters tomorrow.

Jordan Shrimpton, Ka Pai Kiwi – into the lead in the National Junior Rider title

The Bates Saddles CCI1* Championship is now led by Spookee Possum, ridden by West Coaster, Eve Hawes after a great round today.  Eve also leads the Dunstan CNC95 Championship on her younger horse, the Enchantress.

Eve Hawes and Spookee Possum flew around the course today

Tomorrow morning the horses have to pass a veterinary inspection before being able to continue through to the show jumping round which starts at 9.30.

Cam Robertson on Wairoa Renegade


South Island 3 Day Event results after cross country
1 DSE Cluny  Donna Edwards-Smith 50
2 Shoot The Breeze  Kirsty Sharapoff 50.3
3 Shaw Lee  Emily Cammock 92
4 SE Hedging  Brent Jury 116.6
Ultimate Design and Renovation CCI2* Championship incorporating the NZ Young Rider Championship
1 Carbon  Lucy Turner 31.7
2 By Hoki  Courtney Davis 35.4
3 Allander Rocket  Lydia Truesdale 41.5
4 Lucero  Giles Gormack 45.8
5 Alto et Audax  Beth Wilson 45.8
Bates Saddles CCI1* Championship incorporating the NZ Junior Rider Championship
1 Spookee Possum  Eve Hawes 29.6
2 CHS Royal Genie  Donna Edwards-Smith 30.3
3 Wairoa Renegade  Cam Robertson 30.4
4 Astek Victor  Lucy Turner 31.8
5 SD Amourosi  Rebecca Smithey 32.7
6 Ka Pai Kiwi  Jordan Shrimpton 32.8
7 Tigerherz  Georgie Dickson 35.1
8 DSE Beyond Compare  Jasmyne Speake 36.5
9 Ivanoff  Paige Hardwick 39.7
10 McConnell Road  Sharne Paton 40.3
Melwood Equestrian CNC1* Non – Championship
1 Bastille  Nicola Barringer 43.5
2 Antara  Emily Cammock 51.2
3 DSE Southern Halo  Emily Cammock 55.1
4 Loodle Bug  Emma Simpson 69.7
NZCT CCN105 Championship
1 Tygra  Lauren Enright 30.2
2 Mr O Likely  Rebecca Smithey 32.4
2 DSE Presley  Donna Edwards-Smith 32.4
4 Jeepers Creepers  Giles Gormack 33.6
4 Eerie Lass  Tarryn Jones 33.6
Emuology CNC105 Non – Championship
1 Albereco  Eloise Thomas 38.9
2 Agricola  Imogen Morrison 42.2
3 Hawk Doubled Up  Zara Power 43.4
4 Ngahiwi Black Jack  Anna Poole 45.3
5 Dingmac Disco King  Rebecca Wardle 48.5
 Dunstan CNC95 Championship
1 The Enchantress  Eve Hawes 30.9
2 Rupert  Emily Cammock 30.9
3 Des  Emily Cammock 33.2
3 ZinZan CSNZ  Kelly Tyson 34.4
5 Double Black  Tarnia Srhoy 34.4
Devi Heating Systems CNC95 Under 21 Years Championship
1 World Famous  Ella Morshuis 28.4
2 Time After Time  Charlotte Thomas 32
3 Te Puke  Charlotte Thomas 34.1
4 Surge  Mikayla Jarvis 34.6
5 Maximus III  Jessie Fraser 34.8
Happy Hire CNC80 Championship
1 Rio  Andrew Munro 31.1
2 Southern Crusade  Kelly Tyson 31.8
3 Beaumont Cash  Lauren Enright 31.9
4 Y-Puna Frazer  Heather McKain 32.8
5 Bijoux  Kirsty Jacomb 33.6
Saddlery Barn CNC80 Under 21 Years Championship
1 Northern Star  Ginny McKenzie 32.6
1 Rednalhgih Hayman  Dana MacClure 33.3
3 Ronney  Taylor Harris 33.3
4 Ashton Ultra Magnus  Elise Shrimpton 34.7
5 Poppin Tags  Caitlin Shrimpton 37.9
5 Ronney  Taylor Harris 33.3
Lime Solutions CNC65 Championship
1 Greenmoor Chardonnay  Angela Fitzgibbon 28.9
2 Mr Silver  Kate Costello 29.4
3 Rf Kamora  Danielle Chambers 34.4
4 Innocent Eyes  Ted Williamson 38.1
5 Felix  Jaime Currie 38.3