Ffffffrrrreeezing for the SI 3DE Dressage

Eve Hawes, Spookee Possum competing in terrible conditions today at McLeans Island but overcame that to be in second place in the one-star class

The worst weather imaginable was thrown at the horses and riders on the first day of the South Island 3 Day event today in Christchurch. With temperatures in the single figures, rain, sleet, hail, wind and a few rare dry patches, the conditions were hardly welcoming to the North Island visitors.

In the CCI3* class, North Canterbury’s Brent Jury with SE Hedging has a very narrow lead from one of those visitors, Donna Edwards-Smith on DSE Cluny, jut 0.2pen between them. There are only three penalties between all four of the competitors in the class so there will be a lot at stake for tomorrow’s cross country.

Brent was really pleased with his horse SE Hedging, who is back after a year’s break from competing at this level. “It was a fluid and smooth test but the weather was so bitter and raw, it felt like minus two degrees. I had polyprops under my riding gear which helped, and while it was cold and wet, the weather didn’t really worry either of us, we kept focusing.”

Brent is looking forward to tomorrow’s cross country. “It’s a long course and while there is nothing that really worries me, it is a course that you need to be wary of all the way around,” he said. “There are some strong related combinations.”

Brent also sits in sixth place in the one-star class on his younger horse, SE Gorky Park.

Brent Jury, SE Gorky Park

In the Young Rider National title, it is Canterbury’s Lucy Turner and her horse Carbon who has taken control with a great score of 31.7. The other two competitors in the class have a bit of catch-up to do, with Molli Thacker and Happy Go Lucky sitting on 41.4pen, and Beth Wilson on Alto et Audax on 45.8. The Young Rider class is incorporated into the Ultimate Design & Renovation’s CCI2* class, and that is being led by Auckland’s Angela Lloyd and Lyrical on 29.1. Lucy is in second, and local rider Lydia Truesdale and Allander Rocket are in third on 34.3.

Annabelle Jones, Quintero leads the junior rider title class

The National Junior Rider title is part of the Bates Saddles CCI1* class, and it is Queenstown’s Annabelle Jones on Quintero who is leading the juniors on a score of 31.2 from Canterbury’s Jordan Shrimpton on Ka Pai Kiwi (32.8) and Cambridge’s Jasmyne Speake on DSE Beyond Compare (34.9).

Jordan Shrimpton, Ka Pai Kiwi
Jasmyne Speake, DSE Beyond Compare

The leader of the one-star class is Te Kauwhata’s Donna Edwards-Smith on the very smart HS Royal Genie, just 0.1pen in front of West Coast’s Eve Hawes on Spookee Possum. Cam Robertson, who said riding today reminded him of when he was competing in England, is in third place on Wairoa Renegade on 30.4pen.

Donna Edwards-Smith, CHS Royal Genie

Local rider Emily Cammock leads two of the other classes, having her usual busy event with six horses entered.

The Ground Jury for the main classes is Stuart Bishell (Timaru), Jenny Draper (Putaruru) and Bev Shandley (Australia), with Australia’s Hunter Doughty FEI Technical Delegate.

The judges commented that most of the horses did really well considering the weather conditions.

Tomorrow’s cross country courses look challenging, with the one and three-star courses being designed by Nick Pyke and the two-star course designed by Richard Crowe. Nicola Barringer has designed the other courses. Let’s hope the weather does what the forecast predicts and improves!

The ducks were enjoying their day


South Island 3 Day Event results after dressage
1 SE Hedging  Brent Jury 33.8
2 DSE Cluny  Donna Edwards-Smith 34
3 Shoot The Breeze  Kirsty Sharapoff 34.7
4 Shaw Lee  Emily Cammock 36.8
Ultimate Design and Renovation CCI2* Championship incorporating the NZ Young Rider Championship
1 Lyrical  Angela Lloyd 29.1
2 Carbon  Lucy Turner 31.7
3 Allander Rocket  Lydia Truesdale 34.3
4 Citadelle  Claudia Faulkner 34.5
5 By Hoki  Courtney Davis 35.4
Bates Saddles CCI1* Championship incorporating the NZ Junior Rider Championship
1 CHS Royal Genie  Donna Edwards-Smith 29.5
2 Spookee Possum  Eve Hawes 29.6
3 Wairoa Renegade  Cam Robertson 30.4
4 Quintero  Annabelle Jones 31.2
5 Astek Victor  Lucy Turner 31.4
6 SE Gorky Park  Brent Jury 31.9
7 SD Amourosi  Rebecca Smithey 32.7
8 Ka Pai Kiwi  Jordan Shrimpton 32.8
9 Keepsake  Lauren Enright 34.1
10 DSE Beyond Compare  Jasmyne Speake 34.9
Melwood Equestrian CNC1* Non – Championship
1 Antara  Emily Cammock 32
2 Loodle Bug  Emma Simpson 34.5
3 DSE Southern Halo  Emily Cammock 35.1
4 Bastille  Nicola Barringer 36.7
NZCT CCN105 Championship
1 Tygra  Lauren Enright 30.2
2 DSE Presley  Donna Edwards-Smith 32.4
2 Mr O Likely  Rebecca Smithey 32.4
4 Jeepers Creepers  Giles Gormack 33.6
4 Eerie Lass  Tarryn Jones 33.6
Emuology CNC105 Non – Championship
1 Albereco  Eloise Thomas 33.3
2 Radiradirah  Zara Power 34.8
3 Mercedes  Gemma Thornley 36.3
4 Brentwood Surprise  Caitlin Rayne 36.9
5 Yippee Ki Yay  Fabriana McQuarrie 37.5
 Dunstan CNC95 Championship
1 Aria  Emily Cammock 30.5
2 Double Black  Tarnia Srhoy 30.8
3 The Enchantress  Eve Hawes 30.9
3 Rupert  Emily Cammock 30.9
5 Starlight Express  Jo Benison 32.8
Devi Heating Systems CNC95 Under 21 Years Championship
1 World Famous  Ella Morshuis 28.4
2 Time After Time  Charlotte Thomas 32
3 Cognito  Louise Poultney 33.4
4 Te Puke  Charlotte Thomas 34.1
5 Turn Around  Caitlin Rayne 34.5
Happy Hire CNC80 Championship
1 Rio  Andrew Munro 31.1
2 Southern Crusade  Kelly Tyson 31.8
3 Beaumont Cash  Lauren Enright 31.9
4 Y-Puna Frazer  Heather McKain 32.8
5 Bijoux  Kirsty Jacomb 33.6
Saddlery Barn CNC80 Under 21 Years Championship
1 Awatuna Jimmy Neutron  Belize McQuarrie 32.1
1 Rosewood Zakee  Grace Gormack 32.1
3 Northern Star  Ginny McKenzie 32.6
4 Kabo Dancer  Fleur Carter-Hodder 33.2
5 Rednalhgih Hayman  Dana MacClure 33.3
5 Ronney  Taylor Harris 33.3
Lime Solutions CNC65 Championship
1 Greenmoor Chardonnay  Angela Fitzgibbon 28.9
2 Mr Silver  Kate Costello 29.4
3 Ed Harry  Andrew Munro 30.8
4 Rf Kamora  Danielle Chambers 34.4
5 Silver Lining  Katrina Houston 36.4