Hair making an impression

Great hair and Danielle Goldstein (Israel) did a good job jumping too, having just four faults on Lizziemarie

Danielle Goldstein has certainly made a big impact at WEG in the show jumping. Not only has she qualified for the final day on her brilliant mare, Lizziemary, she also has everyone talking about her hair!

Her hair has feathers, beads and could well be described as “peacock braids” and has become a bit of a trade mark for the young woman riding for Israel.

“I didn’t mean for it to become a trade mark, but it has just evolved into that. It was my fiancé’s idea and it has just turned into like this whole life of its own. I have been doing for it for over a year now, it’s been a long time. I change the colour about every four months or so, and have fun with it. Before coming here, I decided to make it extra long.”

As to coping with such a mass of hair and feathers in this heat, Danielle said it was very hot. “It is like having a down comforter around my head. It is very warm.”

As to her super little mare, she came from Billy Twomey in Ireland originally, about two years ago. “We watched a video and loved her right away. I need a horse that kind of drags me around, and she looked like she had a lot of natural energy and engine. We went and tried her in England, I jumped a few jumps and said ‘this will work!’  We had an instant connection and we won a Grand Prix first time out.”

“Her and I get along great and she is exactly what I like and she seems to like how I ride her,” Danielle said.

As to her performance so far, Danielle is delighted with Lizziemary. “She has jumped great. I set a plan, and I tried to make the plan so it would be easiest for her to jump all the jumps and it worked out that I was able to execute it like I wanted and she gave a huge effort.”