Blog: The day between eventing and jumping competitions

Daniel Meech, Fine

Today was a relatively quiet day at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, with the New Zealand show jumping team making an appearance to try out a few jumps and the arena this morning, along the other teams. Each group of five riders was given a set time which worked out to 90 seconds for each rider in the ring, and the bell would ring when it was time for someone else to have a go. The four New Zealanders were joined by a Korean rider.

Bruce Goodin, Backatorps Danny V
Samantha McIntosh, Check In
Sharn Wordley, Casper

There were some lovely horses jumping, and a couple caught my eye including William Whittaker’s horse, as well as the German horses. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay to see one of my favourite riders, Steve Gerdaut from Switzerland.

Maurice Tebbel from Germany on Don Diarado showed a bit of scope
William Whittaker and Utamaro d Ecaussines, a cheeky fellow (the horse, I don’t know William)

I took the opportunity to have a look around the trade stands, and had a lot of offers to try anti-wrinkle creams and moisturisers, which was slightly concerning, and other secret potions and equipment such as a gadget to cure my aching knees (which I did try and it felt good). So by tomorrow I should be restored to a wrinkle-free superwoman, or maybe not.

The trade stands are mainly equestrian-related, naturally, and while the many variety of saddles are lovely, I don’t fancy taking one home. There were few people around, and the trade stands are doing it hard, but hopefully tomorrow when lots of people turn up now that the hurricane danger has gone, they will be busier.

France’s Manon Noel

Vaulting isn’t something I had seen before so it was time to have a look at that. I arrived in time to watch the individual female competition.

There were two horses that I thought were gorgeous, Curious George and Paris.

My favourite horse from the vaulting, Curious George whose rider Maria Bondar was competing for Russia
Paris, with Mary McCormack from USA
Germany’s Sarah Kay on Sir Valentin was the first out to do her compulsory test in the individual female competition and was in the lead when we left
Silvia Stopazzini on Rosenstolz are being lunged by Laura Carnabuci for Italy

However, with the warmth of the indoor stadium, combined with a week of very long days, I found myself ready to nod off. No disrespect to the competitors, they were amazing, and could do things that I may only be able to do if I buy one of those joint treatment gadgets I tried out earlier in the morning, but I had to head off before my snores startled the horses.

I arrived back at the Para in time to see the amazing Stinna Tange Kaastrup from Denmark doing her test. She really is inspiring.

Stinna Tange Kaastrup from Denmark

It’s back to my nearby house (a great find on AirBnB some time ago) to do the necessary things to get ready for the next wave of busy-ness, as the Kiwi show jumpers head into their first competition in the morning. The change from eventers to jumpers is also replicated in the media centre with many of the eventing-specialist journalists heading out, and a new batch of jumping-specialists heading in.

The Eventing Nation crew have left the building (media centre) and are working on another plan to get their beloved USA team qualified for the 2020 Olympics

So our medal hopes are now with the show jumpers, and looking at how well they were jumping this morning in the practice, you never know, our prayers may be answered too! And the weather forecast is for sunny days, so I’ll put the rainwear away and crack out the sunscreen.