First eventing winners in the NZ spring season

Kirsty Sharapoff, Shoot the Breeze. Image: Jane Thompson

It was a great day’s cross country at the Eyreton Pony Club Grounds in North Canterbury, aided by beautiful weather and perfect going for the horses.

There were some great performances, and some that looked a bit rusty after the winter break but overall, the standard was very good and bodes well for the South Island Three Day Event which this year is to be held in early October.

Kirsty Sharapoff and Shoot the Breeze held on to their lead despite a bit of a hiccup on cross country, to take out the Ultimate Design & Renovation CNC2* Plus class.

Kirsty wasn’t too worried about the blip. “I am trying to work on moving along a bit more on the cross country but then he was a bit surprised early in the course and I don’t think I gave him enough time to see the fence. Other than that, he went really well and really listened to me the whole way around.”

Kirsty is aiming to compete in the three-star grade at the three day event, and will competing against Emily Cammock on Shaw Lee. This weekend Emily elected to run Shaw Lee in the combined training class, rather than run him around the two-star cross country but was out on the cross country course a number of times today. “I had a super-green team out today, some of them competing for the first time in their classes, and one for the first time ever! It was a great training opportunity and I had zero expectations, and they all exceeded that.”

Larissa Srhoy maintained her lead established after the dressage phase and took out the Dunstan CNC2* class on Rockquest. The pair looked very accomplished on the cross country. Larissa also won the Melwood Equestrian CNC95 on Heads Will Roll, producing a clear round within the time today on cross country.

Larissa Srhoy, Rockquest

Also very impressive was the winner of the Equissage CNC1* class, SE Gorky Park, ridden by Brent Jury, who lead after the dressage and finished on their dressage score. The seven-year-old horse is three-quarters Hanoverian by Gym Bello. Brent, who was involved in breeding the horse, thinks there will be a good future for him, although he says he is going to take him slowly. “I have no plans to go above one-star at this point yet. He has a good brain and temperament, and is very good at both show jumping and dressage. So far he is very positive going cross country, but I want to give him time.”

Brent Jury, SE Gorky Park (Image: Jane Thompson)

Lauren Enright had a good weekend, winning two classes. Tygra won the Saddlery Barn CNC105 and Beaumont Cash won the Betavet CNC95.

It was good to see Lucy Turner with her super young horse out winning again. Astek Victor had quite a bit of time off after an injury, but was back winning the Melwood Equestrian CNC95 Under 21 Years class today.


Ultimate Design and Renovation CNC2*+ Final Score
1 Shoot The Breeze  Kirsty Sharapoff 68.3
2 Carbon  Lucy Turner 75.6
 Dunstan CNC2*
1 Rockquest  Larissa Srhoy 49.8
2 SD Amourosi  Rebecca Smithey 56.7
3 WS Paradise  Rebecca Wardle 76.5
4 Playmaker  Brodie Roberts 89.6
Equissage CNC1*
1 SE Gorky Park  Brent Jury 31.2
2 My Hallucination  Niamh Rayne 40.9
3 Ivanoff  Paige Hardwick 43
4 Versailles  Paige Hardwick 47.4
5 Wairoa Renegade  Cam Robertson 51.5
Saddlery Barn CNC105
1 Tygra  Lauren Enright 33.3
2 Miss Renegade  Anna Poole 38.1
3 Stellar Groove  Rebecca Sharplin 39.5
4 Attenborough  Colleen Marett 40.7
5 Star’s Ransom  Nicola Kerr 41.7
Saddlery Barn CNC105 Under 21 Years
1 Quintero  Annabelle Jones 34.1
2 Hakuna Matata  Katherine Hadler 36.5
3 Night Beetle  Harriet Stock 37
4 Time To Tango Too  Sophie Jarvis 38.4
5 Apsley Backchat Kid  Brittany Fowler 43.5
Melwood Equestrian CNC95
1 Heads Will Roll  Larissa Srhoy 27.9
2 Des  Emily Cammock 35.7
3 Over Xposed  Stanley Mullen 36.9
4 Kosciuszko  Melanie Morris 38.6
4 Muzza’s Mate  Nicola Barringer 38.6
Melwood Equestrian CNC95 Under 21 Years
1 Astek Victor  Lucy Turner 33.1
2 Monkey Puzzle  Isabella Leighs 33.8
3 Toffee Du Lux  Sophie Thomas 36.7
4 Dezigna  Caitlin Knudsen 36.9
5 Jenks  Emily Holder 38.2
BetaVet CNC80
1 Beaumont Cash  Lauren Enright 33.5
2 Strate Shot  Claudia Faulkner 34.5
3 Peragon Bellini  Hayley Thomas 35.5
4 The Goode Nut  Rhonda Gibson 37.9
5 Bijoux  Kirsty Jacomb 42.2
BetaVet CNC80 Under 21 Years
1 Heza QT  Gemma Lewis 32.6
2 Rosewood Zakee  Grace Gormack 34.2
3 Willowmead Playboy  Meg Glassey 36.6
4 Awatuna Fox Trot  Tess Morgan 37.6
5 Kabo Dancer  Fleur Carter-Hodder 38.2
Lime Solutions CNC65
1 Contanti  Brianna Bailey 38.7
2 Ngalaire Flashlight  Jack Hague 40.8
3 Tallyho Diamonds & Pearls  Fenton Greer 44
4 SBF Radioactive  Mel Fletcher 54.1
5 Southern Triumph  Raquel Cook 76.8