Well sat!

Katie Doncliff, Billy, Halswell Red team flying over a fence

Katie Doncliff was riding Billy as part of the Halswell Red team at Canterbury’s Collier Trophy, a pony club teams eventing competition.

Things were going well, and jumps were being cleared easily but then when it came to a turn away from the yards, other horses and the start/finish line, Billy thought he would take matters into his own hands and head that way.  Katie had other ideas though, and did a great job of staying on, and getting Billy back on track!

Billy decides he doesn’t want to go that way!

Check out the photos we got of her in action! Well ridden Katie.

Naughty Billy
Billy says “no” to that corner!
Katie looks at where she may well end up at this rate!
She looks like she is a goner at this point
Not the best place to sit when you are doing a cross country course!
Katie is made of tough stuff, and gets Billy sorted out, once she is back in the saddle!
Katie not only gets Billy back on track for the next fence – a combination – but jumps it beautifully!
Katie Doncliff and Billy – showing great style over the second part of the combination. Billy has gone back to looking like a sweetheart.

Photos thanks to Jane Thompson, Pegasus Communications.