Is your mare expecting this spring?

NRM FEEDSYou’ve chosen the perfect stallion… your mare has successfully conceived… and now you wait for the impending birth of your foal… but have you got all the bases covered?

It is important to be aware of the mare’s nutritional needs as she progresses through the different stages of pregnancy in order to adjust her diet accordingly.

Energy requirements for mares in early pregnancy don’t increase dramatically from maintenance.

While it can be tempting to increase feed amounts for your mare as soon as you see that positive scan, it is important to avoid feeding for two in early pregnancy. While forage alone will often not meet requirements for all important trace minerals and vitamins, energy levels do not increase significantly and increasing feed could cause unhealthy weight gain.
Pregnant mares grazing on pasture alone need additional zinc, copper and selenium to meet the growing foal’s needs and to help minimise the occurrence of degenerative joint disease. NRM Mare balancer is formulated to supply these essential trace minerals and all other nutrients required for foetal development in one easy to feed nut.

Around 80% of the growth of your unborn foal occurs in the last 3-4 months of pregnancy.

Because the majority of foetal growth occurs in third trimester, optimum nutrition at this time is essential. The mare’s energy and protein requirements increase to support rapid foetal growth and trace minerals are essential for supporting connective tissue development and growing strong limbs. Zinc, manganese, iron and copper are especially important at this stage, as the foetus stores these trace minerals in the liver to compensate for the decreased levels available in the mare’s milk once the foal is born.

NRM mare balancer is especially formulated for this vital stage of gestation, providing the mare with a concentrated source of key vitamins and minerals when the demands by the unborn foal are at their greatest.