Tangolooma’s Puhinui

Winners of the Honda CIC*** – Donna Edwards-Smith and DSE Tangolooma (Image: Take the Moment Photography)

It was a good win for Donna Edwards-Smith and her reliable DSE Tangolooma (aka ‘Bones’) at the Puhinui Horse Trials over the weekend.

“Bones gave me a fantastic ride, he felt at his best, it is very exciting, and it was a lovely Tich Massey course to jump around,” Donna said.

Donna made the most of the opportunities given to her when the leaders after dressage faulted in the show jumping, and she and Tangolooma headed into Sunday’s cross-country at the top of the standings.

They were one of only three combinations to complete both jumping phases without jumping faults: the other two were Renee Faulkner and Rubinstar HH, who finished second, and Samantha Felton and Ricker Ridge Escada, who were third. Every competitor in the three-star class incurred time faults on Tich Massey’s cross-country track – the fastest round of the day came from Jeffery Amon and My Silver Lining with 5.6 time, which put them up to seventh overall.

Sam Felton was also placed in the two-star class, and won the CIC1*, so it was a good weekend for the Ricker Ridge team.


Samantha Felton & Ricker Ridge Riley won the Veterinary Associates CIC* (Image: Take the Moment Photography)

The winner of NZ Horse & Pony magazine’s Amateur and Grassroots 105cm class was Emma Broughton-Watts with Boogie Nights.

Emma Broughton-Watts & Boogie Nights won the NZ Horse & Pony CNC105 Amateur & Grassroots (Image: Take the Moment Photography)

Maddi Crowe dropped her talented Waitangi Pinterest down a grade and had a great run to win the CNC1* before she takes on the three-star class at Horse of the Year shortly.

Madison Crowe & Waitangi Pinterest, 1st in theThompson Electrical CNC* (Image: Take the Moment Photography)

For many of these riders, it was a good pre-HOY run, and we look forward to seeing them competing in Hastings in the two- and three-star classes.  The three top placegetters in the Honda three-star are all entered, but will be up against it, as Clarke Johnstone has his superstar Balmoral Sensation entered as well.

Super League Points Update

The ESNZ Eventing Super League looks a lot more open now after Puhinui results have been incorporated.

Donna and Tangolooma have moved into the top four and could further improve as the season progresses, with the next leg at the Horse of the Year show.


Current standings after six events: Clarke Johnstone, Matangi, Balmoral Sensation, 102 pts; Emily Cammock, Christchurch, Shaw Lee, 80 pts; Bundy Philpott, Cambridge, Tresca NZPH, 51 pts; Donna Edwards-Smith, Te Kauwhata, DSE Tangolooma, 44 pts; Renee Faulkner, Papakura, Rubinstar HH, 42 pts; Corey Wood, Christchurch, Pick Up Line, 39 pts.

 Puhinui Results
Honda CIC***
1 DSE Tangolooma Donna Edwards-Smith 51.1
2 Rubinstar HH Renee Faulkner 52.3
3 Ricker Ridge Escada Samantha Felton 54.5
4 Visionnaire Jackson Bovill 58.4
5 Just de Manzana Jessica Woods 58.7
1 Mr McTaggart Louise Mulholland 40.5
2 Cruising Guy Abigail Long 51.4
3 Ricker Ridge Rui Samantha Felton 51.8
4 Ricker Ridge Divine Right Samantha Felton 57
5 Alto et Audax Beth Wilson 57.7
Veterinary Associates CIC1*
1 Ricker Ridge Riley Samantha Felton 31.9
2 Ricker Ridge Rodstar Kimberly Gill 37.3
3 Ngahiwi Makem Ashleigh Mckinstry 38.6
4 Festival Monica Oakley 39.5
5 Saltador Sophie Alexander 40.2
Thompson Electrical CNC*
1 Waitangi Pinterest Madison Crowe 25
2 Pioneer Techtonic Shuffle Ashleigh Mckinstry 27.3
3 CHS Ripleys Dream Samantha Mynott 29.5
4 Stiloso Whataretheodds Lisa Chapple 31.4
5 Sparky Malarkey Susan Le Mesurier 31.8
Bomberz Bits CNC105
1 Drover EM Rainer Hagspihl 30.4
2 Henton Ambassador Matthew Grayling 39.6
3 Intrepid Anne Marie Styles 39.8
4 Diamond Trade Amanda Wards 40
5 Raucous Angela Lloyd 40.2
Fiber Fresh CNC105 Rider under 21 years
1 Noble Value Eden Doull 31.8
2 Da Vinci Code Alyssa Harrison 32
3 Pioneer Makokomiko Scout Lodder 36
4 De La Mexican Beth Clothier 37.4
5 Waitangi Slingshot Tegan Brady 39.2
Horse & Pony NZ CNC105 Amateur & Grassroots
1 Boogie Nights Emma Broughton-Watts 36.8
2 Ash Haven Diva Kirsty Guilfoyle 37.6
3 Henton Ethereal Sophie Abbott 38.4
4 TR Wanderlust Ashra McAvinue 40.8
5 Miss Vee NZPH Ashley Johnston 41.6
Equilibrium CNC95
1 Astek Graffiti Sofie Boswell 22.8
2 Kings Soleil Jessica Woods 33.1
3 Seaforth Gryphon Ben Weir 33.1
4 Airthey Debt Collecter Amy Parker 36.4
5 Money Shot Dannie Lodder 36.5
Pryde’s CNC95 rider under 18 yrs.
1 Jumping Jack Mackenzie Marlo 32.2
2 Astro Max Samantha Caldwell 35.6
3 Banjo II Ella Rutherford 35.6
4 Giocattolo Charlotte Penny 36.7
5 Falstaff Rene Ryall 37.2
NPC Health CNC95 Horse 4 & 5 years old
1 LV Encostalot Jessica Woods 29.2
2 Oranoa Brownstone Emma Broughton-Watts 33.1
3 Woodbine Just Magic Helen McGrath 34.6
4 Kabo Shadow Codie White 36.9
5 Yondu Kim Berry 39.6
Spurs of Counties CNC95 Masters riders over 40 years
1 Ellie Annette McPherson 33.2
2 Charlton Chime Nicoli Fife 34.3
3 Xena WP Jo Lynch 37.9
4 TwoXL Heather Davidson 39.6
5 In The Red II Sharon Kerwin 61.9
Bucus Rugs CNC 80
1 Kabo Pongo Charlotte Treneary 32.5
2 Bosco Shannon Galloway 34.7
3 Randezvous Karley Norton 37.2
4 Willesden Green Henry O”Leary 37.4
5 Argo Christen Lane 39.6
Bucus Rugs CNC 80 B
1 Trick Key Dannie Lodder 26.4
2 Fevola Isabella Scopas 29.2
3 Brite Idea Abbey Thompson 30
4 Demi Samantha Mynott 30.8
5 Decoy EM Antonella Hagspihl 31.1