Great dressage, great attitudes

The heatwave was on hold for the Harewood Tavern's South Island Dressage Championship held over three days at the National Equestrian Centre, McLeans Island, Christchurch.

Catherine Tobin, I LIke It, winners of the Level 9 GP

The three-day Tavern Harewood South Island Festival of Dressage at McLeans Island was a popular event, and there were some great performances, with many people aiming for the Nationals and then on to Horse of the Year.  The relaxed atmosphere made for a good show, with many competitors being very thankful that the extreme heat stayed away for all three days.

Blenheim’s Melissa Galloway had a great show, winning every class she entered on both her horses, Windermere Jobei W and Windermere Johanson W.  She was obviously really happy with both horses but said they were a bit tired on the last day after giving 100% in each competition. “We’re heading to the Nationals in a couple of weeks, so they will need a rest before then!”

Melissa Galloway, Windermere Johanson W – winners in the Level 8 Super 5 Final

Barbara Chalmers was another who thought her horse, Rossellini, was showing signs of tiredness. She’s had a patchy preparation, with a colic episode, and has been busy harvesting for their contracting business. Plus she’s “had her arm twisted” to upgrade her judging qualifications, which has also had an impact on her schedule!

Barbara Chalmers, Rossellini, second in the Level 8

Kate Tobin had her ups and downs at this show, with a “few little glitches,” like her horse standing on a rock and having to have an emergency pad put on.  She overcame all that today, producing a good test for the win at Level 9 GP.  “It is work in progress,” she said afterwards. “We have the Nationals next, so fingers crossed for that.”

Catherine Tobin, I Like It, Level 9 GP

Soo Wells also competed at Level 9, and thought AJK Carronade’s test today was “better than yesterday’s but not as good as the first day!”  She describes him as a “project horse,” going on to say that “he is a brat but a lot of fun!”  Soo recalls first competing at McLeans Island when it just opened, and was very complimentary about how great the Centre looked today, but will she continue to compete here?  “I’m a pensioner, and I will give up soon, but I’m an old lady having fun, and anyway, I get stiff and sore if I stop riding!” What a great attitude.  Soo is also a great NZ Horse & Pony magazine fan, having subscribed since 1966 with a huge library of back issues!

Soo Wells, AJK Carronade, with a hint of a smile after finishing their Level 9 GP (second)

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Results (Sunday)

Tavern Harewood South Island Festival Of Dressage
Level 1D Level 1 Championship Test
1 Sisters II Whitney H Wendy Butler 74.018
2 DT Defender Tracey Barrett 69.911
3 High Rise Louise Hipkins 69.107
4 SWE Sandera Janelle Sangster-Ward 67.946
4 Inflagrante Tyler McKee 67.946
24 Level 2 2D Championship Test
1 Astek Vasili Emily Cammock 71.071
2 Bradgate DeRegent Catherine Tobin 70.179
3 Whispers Matapiro Emma Rowe-Pledger 69.732
4 Reid n Dale Oregan Belinda Field-Dodgson 69.107
5 Corundum Vivienne Young 68.661
Level 3D Championship Test
1 KP Dexter Diane Wallace 70.438
2 Fernlea Diamond Day Lorraine Ward-Smith 67.875
3 La Peregrina Joan Adair 66.688
4 Gurteens Velvet Rachel Thomas 66.188
5 Renaissance Zena Chart 65.812
Level 4D Championship test
1 Solo Rebecca Rowlands 70.5
2 Denmark Jan Morice 69.188
3 Fernando MH Nicki Ford 66.062
4 Astek Ginsling Philippa Mcleod 65.75
5 Greenmoor Euphoria Dani Simpson 65.625
Level5 5D Championship Test
1 Silver Reef R.E Nicki Page 68.238
2 Alliarna Sonya McLachlan 65.238
3 Southwell Rendevouz Rebecca Rowlands 65.19
4 Arnage Rhumba Julie Fraser 64.429
5 Lodestar Seija Parkkali-Glew 63.333
Level 6 Zilco Musical Freestyle Level 6/7
1 Windermere JObèi W Melissa Galloway 72.125
2 Profile Diane Wallace 68.958
3 Astek Galahad Nicola Maley 68.875
4 Westford Lanciano Lauren Haig 68.583
5 Bradgate Riot Act Catherine Tobin 67
Level 7 FEI Int I 2018 Customs Logistics Super 5 Semi Final
1 Fortunato Franzi Van Bruggen-Smit 65.735
2 Rakaunui Embracing Jude Nickolls 64.461
3 Frangelico F Sophie Griffith 64.216
4 Westford Lanciano Lauren Haig 63.333
5 Faemoss B.W Sarah Wadworth 62.696
Level 8 FEI Int B Fetterman Level 8 Super 5 Semi Final
1 Windermere Johanson W Melissa Galloway 65.125
2 Rossellini Barbara Chalmers 61.542
Level 9 FEI GP 2018 Superior Rubber Surfaces Super 5 Semi Final
1 I Like It Catherine Tobin 57.529
2 AJK Carronade Soo Wells 49.565
110 Para TOC
1 Harold George Caitlin Holmes 65.385
2 On Twilight Anthea Dixon 61.667
Pony Level 1D AMS
1 Willow Spring Jubilant Maria Hendry 72.232
2 Winston Lucy Cochrane 71.964
3 Deja Vu III Imogen Morrison 69.643
4 Roselea Hearts Desire Emma Copplestone 69.286
5 Tallyho Jester Georgia Gibbons 65.089
Pony Level 2C
1 Little Blessing Meg Johnston 68.75
2 Apsley Backchat Kid Brittany Fowler 66.25
3 Caspers Wish Abigail White 65.729
4 Rifesyde Firefly Brooklyn Crow 65.417
5 Alpine Park Watercolour Giselle Conway 65
Pony Level 3C
1 Farview Free Spirit Charlotte Thomas 63.446
2 Maxwelton Sunday Sam Millie Thompson 63.378
3 Dinky Di Doff Emma Copplestone 61.486
Pony Level 4D
1 Rifesyde Prancer Millie Thompson 63.938