Small silver lining after shoplifting

Shoplifting is a retailer's nightmare, and having an expensive pair of clippers go out the door without any money changing hands has a significant impact on these owners!

So many customers end up becoming friends, keen to chat about the latest horse news

Retailers have to deal with shoplifters on a regular basis and unfortunately equestrian retailers are no different.

Rangiora Equestrian Supplies recently were the victims of a shoplifting professional when they lost some Heiniger Xplorer Clippers valued at over $1000.  While owners Ken Wilson and Karen Withell think they know who it was, they have been unable to press charges at this point, nor have the clippers been recovered.

Ken chooses to be up-beat about the experience, however. “There has been positivity in the face of adversity,” he said yesterday.  A post about the theft on their Facebook page has reached thousands of people through multiple ‘shares’. Their page ‘likes’ have also leaped up.  “So, it has brought us more publicity, and hopefully more customers to our retail and on-line shop.”

Ken and Karen have a lovely box and the warranty but no clippers!

He is still hopeful that the clippers may be recovered, now that so many people know about them. “If anyone knows someone who has a new set of clippers which are not in the box, give us a yell.”

Ken and Karen have had a few other incidents of shoplifting in the past.  One thief took a liking for the Schleich horses and foals, and is now in possession of a set of three, taking one of the tiny figurines each time. There was also the dopey thief who took a pair of boots but ended up with two different sizes.

Security cameras had to be put in the shop to identify those who didn’t want to pay for these cute horses and ponies

“Unfortunately, it is the customers who end up paying. I would love to reduce everything but wouldn’t make any money.  We have no insurance on shoplifting, so we have to build those losses into our margin,” said Ken who, with Karen, has owned the shop since 2009.

So, if you are offered a brand new pair of Heiniger clippers with no box, then you should be very careful, and perhaps ring Ken or Karen to let them know.  The box and the warranty are still in their shop!

Information on how to contact Karen or Ken can be found on the shop’s website.

The shop on the outskirts of Rangiora