Stunning combinations at stunning Puhinui

It was a perfect afternoon for a trot-up at the Puhinui Reserve, near Auckland Airport. The horses looked magnificent, so many shiny coats!  The riders also, on the whole, looked very smart.

Nick Brooks was outstanding, with his purple shorts, and we were also impressed with some of the lovely summer dresses some of the women competitors chose.

Nick Brooks with For Fame
Larissa Srhoy, Double Black

A few horses were sent to the hold box, including Emily Cammock’s Lewis, who seems to have spent more time in hold boxes than any other 3* eventer. His unusual trot seems to need checking out continually, but he was through, no problems, the second time.

The Ground Jury for the CCI3* is Stuart Bishell (NZ & President), Jane Starkey (UK) and Mark Weissbecker (USA).  Mark is also president of the 2* Ground Jury, along with Mary Robins (NZ) and Jane Starkey. The 1* Ground Jury is Val McGregor (NZ), Margs Carline (NZ) and Virginia Tocher (NZ).  Winky Foley is the CNC* and Barbara Woolhouse and Stuart Bishell are Ground Jury for NZ Horse & Pony magazine’s CCN105.  Janet Fox, Susan Grayling and Helen Christie are the Ground Jury for the CCN95.

Susan O’Brien is the Technical Delegate for the the 3* and the 105, with Hamish Butler-Gallie the TD for the one- and two-stars.

The dressage starts bright and early at 8.30 in the morning with the two-star. We hope you enjoy the gallery of photos. These photos can be purchased from Pegasus Communications’ website