Rotorua horse trials results

Jonathan Paget & Snow Leopard won the CNC** plus

Jonathan Paget had a clear win at the Riverdale Horse Trials this weekend with Heelan Tompkins’ Snow Leopard. The pair had the fastest cross-country round of the day, incurring just 4.4 time faults in the Pub Charity CNC2*+.

Winner of the CIC**, Jackson Bovill – Visionnaire

Jackson Bovill had a good win in the Dunstan Horse Feeds CIC2* with his mare Visionnaire, incurring just 0.4 time on cross-country. Nick Brooks continues his good run of form, having had a win at Equitana in the Express Eventing, and coming in second at Riverdale on For Fame. The only rider to finish on her dressage score was Gemma Hampson, on Pintado Prima Rosa, which elevated her to third place overall. The dressage leader, Xanthus III had a naughty run out for Blyth Tait to finish well down the placings.

Stephanie Vervoort & X Factor competing in the CIC**

Amazing Spy is now being ridden by Vicky Browne-Cole and the pair recorded a good win at one-star level. Kate Herdson and Eon were second, with Greer Caddigan and Mr Mancini, another new combination, in for third place.

Many riders used this event as their competition warm-up for the Puhinui three-day event which is on in two weeks.

Winners of the CNC105 U21A – Beth Wilson & Aramis
Winners of the CNC105 U21A - Beth Wilson & Aramis 
Brea Walker & Cliebrig Alexandria finished 3rd in the CNC* A
Helen McGrath & Woodbine Just Magic, 2nd in the CNC 95A
Judy Hatfull & Vanishing Point – 2nd in the CNC 105
Donna Edwards-Smith & Rodriguez competing in the CIC1*
1 Pub Charity CNC**plus
Rider Horse
1 Jonathan Paget Snow Leopard
2 Amanda Pottinger Just Kidding
3 Brooke Campbell Freddy Dash
4 Bundy Philpott Tresca NZPH
5 Sarah Young Leo Degas
2 Dunstan Horse Feeds CIC**
Rider Horse
1 Jackson Bovill Visionnaire
2 Nick Brooks For Fame
3 Gemma Hampson Pintado Prima Rosa
4 Abby Lawrence Charlton Yamani
5 Louise Mulholland Mr McTaggart
3 Prestige Equestrian CIC*
Rider Horse
1 Vicky Browne-Cole Amazing Spy
2 Kate Herdson Eon
3 Greer Caddigan Mr Mancini
4 Samantha Felton Ricker Ridge Mystery Man
5 Tony McAllister Will I Am
4A Dom Health CNC* A A
Rider Horse
1 Cherie Jaques Black Gem
2 Aleisha Collett Mi Focus
3 Brea Walker Cliebrig Alexandria
4 Jenny Bevege Ngatamahine JJ Airtime
5 Chanel Hargrave Moving On
6 Emelia Forsyth Soleado
4B Dom Health CNC* A B
Rider Horse
1 Devon Prangley Blazer
2 Helen McGrath Woodbine Just In Case
3 Dannie Lodder Lexington
4 Shannon Galloway Day Walker
5 Amanda Illston Verdelho
6 Samantha Felton Ricker Ridge Riley
5 Equissage CNC 105
Rider Horse
1 Samantha Felton Arc en Ciel
2 Judy Hatfull Vanishing Point
3 Dannie Lodder Kiss
4 Georgia Bennett Coup Perfectly Done
5 Scout Lodder Overnight Success
6 Sophie Wilkinson Astek Gravitate
6 Marks + Ewen & Associates Ltd CNC105 Amateur
Rider Horse
1 Cassie Hodder Schiavo
2 Sarah Bleakley El Novio
3 Sophie Abbott Henton Authentic
4 Lauren Currie Spectacular Brew
5 Susan Le Mesurier Felton Road
6 Bryar Kirkeby HNS Chrialka Gienah
7A Help My Horse Ltd CNC105 U21 A
Rider Horse
1 Beth Wilson Aramis
2 Molly Nelson Tawa-iti Toki
3 Beth Clothier De La Mexican
4 Tayla Moss King Oath
5 Jeremy Walshe Harlequin Outlaw
6 Lara Butler Gallie Poppet
7B Help My Horse Ltd CNC105 U21 B
Rider Horse
1 Eloise King Shevchenko
2 Molly O’Leary Simply Mitch
3 Scout Lodder Pioneer Makokomiko
4 Alena Dorotich Donner XS
5 Molly Nelson Tawa-iti Princess
6 Dana Hawkins Bold Trader
8A Take the Moment CNC95 A A
Rider Horse
1 Kirsty Guilfoyle Ash Haven Diva
2 Helen McGrath Woodbine Just Magic
3 Dannie Lodder Money Shot
4 Denise Rushbrook Manhatten
5 Samantha Felton Boot Scoot N Boogie
6 Abigail Long Henton Audacious
8B Take the Moment CNC95 A B
Rider Horse
1 Carolyn Hooton Waitangi Chrome
2 Clarke Johnstone Interpol
3 Jasmine Bayliss Inspired
4 Dayna Fox Charles In Charge
5 Jeffrey Amon Pringle
6 Sophie Abbott Henton Armani
8C Take the Moment CNC95 A C
Rider Horse
1 Charlotte Robertson Sirocco Venus Rising
2 Charlotte Edwards Charlton Cabaret
3 Sophie Abbott Henton Ethereal
4 Lizzie Green Marble Point
Kimberly Gill Ricker Ridge Rodstar
5 Kady Prujean VPS Call Me Cash
6 Joy Oliver Cool Jazz
9 Spot On Photo CNC 95 U18 A
Rider Horse
1 Piper Gargan Silver Force
2 Samuel Amon RM Let It Be
3 Tayla Moss Gee Six
4 Rene Ryall Falstaff
5 Amy Crawford Krystal Klear
6 Zoe Lynd Jones Princess Rebecca