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Supplying the power when you need it

Jock Paget and Clifton Lush (Image: Libby Law)

“NRM Ultimate Sport allows my horses to stay focused but provides them with the power when they need it – a great new feed from NRM that works well for my team of horses.” Jock Paget

NRM’s new Ultimate Sport Nuts
A premium quality feed suitable for all equine athletes.

Ultimate Sport is a semi-concentrated premium feed designed to meet the needs of performance horses in moderate to heavy work.

Ultimate Sport contains highly digestible super-fibres including beet pulp for slow release “cool” energy, along with Equi-Jewel® to assist in muscle conditioning and topline development essential for the hard-working performance horse. Ultimate Sport includes a blend of vitamins and minerals formulated by KER to meet the nutritional demands of these horses during times of intense work, enabling them to perform at their best.

Key benefits and features:
• Convenient low feeding rate
• Contains EquiJewel® for optimum muscle development and sustained performance
• Highly digestible super-fibres
• Contains natural Vitamin E for superior muscle recovery and support
• Fully fortified with all essential trace minerals and vitamins, including yeast for maximum nutrient absorption and gut health.
• Quality protein and energy sources to supply the power when you need it
• Suitable for all performance horses, including eventing, show jumping, dressage, showing, endurance, polo and racehorses in pre-training.

For more information visit http://nrm.co.nz/products/equine/

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