Awesome effort, Ginny!

The three-part combination at fence 8 was the one that everyone was talking about before the start of the four-star class in Adelaide. There had been a request from riders to put in an option, but it was rejected by the Ground Jury.

Donna Edwards-Smith, the trailblazer, made an attempt not to cross her line getting to the third element, but wasn’t successful. Horse after horse had issues. Mainly, the issues were circles and run-outs, with one exception (see photo).

Rohan Luxmoore was pitched off after the second element of the combination – he was OK.
Sonja Johnson and Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison had a run-out at the third element

Spectators were beginning to think that it was impossible to jump clear, but then along came Ginny Thompson and Star Nouveau, who showed them how to do it. They never looked like faltering, and the crowd went wild!  There were people crying and the Kiwis got into a group hug.

Ginny couldn’t help but do a fist-pump a few strides after her successful completion. Once she had broken the hex on the fence, plenty of others also nailed it, but well done to Ginny for being the first.

Check out our gallery and keep an eye on Ginny’s face – the best expressions!