Equisense Motion: Take your training to the next level

Equisense Motion is the first connected device developed specifically for equestrian sports. It was developed by a group of young, passionate French riders with a vision of how digital technology could help riders, across all equestrian disciplines, progress and be more conscientious. Equisense Motion provides easy-to-understand information that adds real value and fits effortlessly into your schooling regimen.

Equisense Motion consists of a sensor and a free mobile phone app. The rider pairs the sensor via Bluetooth with their phone, then puts the sensor into the girth attachment prior to mounting. A fully-charged sensor gives 10 hours of recording time, and starts recording when it detects the horse’s movement. The rider does not need to carry with their phone while riding, and Equisense Motion works outside network coverage.

The captured data has been developed to be relevant and reliable, displaying a general overview of each session on a dashboard. Details such as the length of the session, the time spent at each gait, number of jumps and the number of transitions done are displayed at the top. Just below, the rider can record their impressions and rate their session.

Equisense Motion app provides reliable comparative data on:

The symmetry (accompanied by a grade) is calculated while trotting in straight line and is a comparison of the two half strides, potentially showing if one leg is weaker. Trot symmetry allows riders to evaluate the impact of any external assistance, changes, or therapy given to the horse, as the symmetry analyses the locomotion of the horse.

All data collected can be viewed after a given session, and also on a weekly, and a continuing monthly basis. So, for example, trot symmetry can be analyzed during the session, and changes that took place during the session can be viewed and noted, and used for comparison in the future, or with past history.
Equisense Mobile App
Time spent at each lead
The time spent working of the left hand and the right hand for each gait is recorded. While most riders are conscious of the need to work each side evenly, all of us – horses and humans – have a preference for one leading hand. A review of the time spent at each gait often shows the rider some surprises!


Cadence is the strides per minute and it is measured for each gait. The regularity of each gait is also measured, meaning the rider can objectively measure their rhythm when they shorten and lengthen their horses’ stride. Furthermore, a rider can analyze the evolution of the regularity by comparing sessions on a weekly and ongoing monthly basis. This allows the rider to use objective data to compare/reinforce their feelings from a session, and also to use the data to compare with outcomes they have had during sessions with an instructor.

Equisense Motion allows the rider to calculate the elevation of the horse. It is calculated for each gait in centimetres, and the rider is able to use data to view the results of their work during the session, and further comparisons can be made both on a weekly and ongoing monthly basis for each gait.

Equisense Motion is an exceptional training support tool for riders. It is easy to use, provides relevant information that is easy to interpret, and what’s more, once Equisense Motion is purchased, regular updates are provided via the free app.


Equisense Motion will be briefly demonstrated at Equitana following the Eventing Masterclass, and will be in booth number 126 in the trade hall. All Equisense Motion sensors sold during Equitiana will come with a free saddle blanket.

For more information contact:

Anne Beetham
General Manager
Equisense Australia New Zealand
+33 6 40 41 39 99