Shaw Lee seizes another championship

Emily Cammock and Shaw Lee on their way to another three-star win, this time in the Dunstan Horsefeeds CIC3* at the South Island ODE Championships (Image: Jane Thompson)

Shaw Lee added the South Island One-Day Event Championship to his ever-growing trophy cabinet when he easily won the Dunstan Horsefeeds CIC3* class at the National Equestrian Centre, McLeans Island, Christchurch, with rider Emily Cammock.

While they were not the leaders after dressage, clear show jumping with just two time faults put them into the top spot. Today they looked all class as they stormed around Nick Pyke’s cross-country course, making easy work of the two narrow fences in the water jump, and adding 10 time faults to their score. Emily also finished second on Lewis, who is such a scopey horse across the country, but incurred 26.8 time faults.

Emily Cammock on Lewis, second in the CIC3* (Image: Jane Thompson)

Emily was very pleased with both of her horses. “Shaw Lee has won every event he has gone in for the last two seasons,” she said afterwards. She won the National Three-Day Eventing title on him last year at Taupo and is aiming to defend her crown, if she still has him at that point. “The plan is to sell some horses and upgrade the truck,” Emily said. “He’s like a pony, great for anyone wanting to get mileage at that level.” The 13 year-old gelding has missed big bits of some seasons, as Emily has put her equestrian career on hold to have her two children. With such low mileage, she doesn’t discount him going on to be competitive internationally, as he still has plenty of time left to reach his peak. “I would love to go back to Kentucky, it is such a great event, but the kids are first now so I don’t know if it will ever happen. I don’t have the ambition any more to get team honours, but I love competing at this level and I love producing young horses.”

Emily has certainly got a good team at the moment, from her two three-star horses down to those at the lowest levels. One who impressed is Impeccable, who finished seventh in the one-star class. “He’s little, green and a super jumper.”  He got very upset just before his dressage test this weekend, however, as Emily put a false tail on him for the first time and he really didn’t like it.  By the time she had taken it off, he was upset and didn’t settle back down in time to do his test.

Emily is soon heading up to the North Island for Equitana where she will compete in the Express event before heading to Rotorua and then on to the Puhinui three-day. Shaw Lee has been to Puhinui before but had to be scratched before the dressage test as he was kicked in the yards, so Emily is hoping his run of success will continue this year.

Corey Wood had the fastest cross-country round of the day with just 5.6 time faults, but unfortunately was ruled to have jumped outside the flag in the second element in the first water. Under the new (and hard to administer) rules, he incurred 50 jump penalties. While he wasn’t sure if he had jumped clear or not, the fence judge couldn’t answer his question – that’s forbidden under the new rules. Unfortunately for Corey, the TDs spent some time looking at our photos of him jumping the fence, and decided that Pick Up Line’s shoulders were outside the flag. It really is a hard rule to enforce, and puts a lot of pressure on the fence judges.

Kirsty Sharapoff elected to run Shoot the Breeze in the Hei Hei Pharmacy CIC2* class this weekend. The horse was feeling “off” when competing up at Arran Station recently, and Kirsty said it was a “PHEW” moment when they went through the flags today after an accomplished clear cross-country with just 7.6 time faults. “We threw everything at him after that [Arran Station]: the vets, got his bloods done, the physio, and saddle fittings. It was a combination of a number of things, but we have a new saddle on him as he has changed shape. While he was honest at Arran, he just wasn’t the Merv who pinged over his fences.” He was certainly back to pinging today!

Kirsty and “Merv” on their way to a good win. (Image: Jane Thompson)

Kirsty has elected to head to the two-star class in Southland for her next eventing outing, and is thinking that maybe Kihikihi could be a good option. She is also “tentatively aiming for Taupo for the three-star.”  As for any longer-term plans, the modest Kirsty isn’t sure. “He’s got the ability to go four-star but it’s the muppet on top that might not!”

Save of the day went to Larissa Srhoy who really should have fallen off when Rockquest misjudged the second element of a combination. “I thought I was a goner, he misread it, saw a big one and ended up banking it.” The pair crumbled on landing, and those of us near the fence dropped cameras and clip boards, and started running towards the pair, thinking they were down. Rockquest managed to scramble up and there was the whoosh of the air bag going off, with Larissa perched somewhere up around the horse’s ears. It was nearly all over as Rockquest cantered off, but Larissa somehow managed to stay on, and eventually get back in the saddle to continue the course with her air vest fully inflated. “I undid it so it was flapping around, but the neck bit took a while to go down so I had to ride with my head forward,” she laughed as she gave a turtle-like demonstration. “The silver lining was that he listened to me after that; he thought he knew best before then!” While she incurred plenty of time faults as the recovery did take some time, Larissa went on to jump clear and finish in third place.

Not the best photo; you’ll have to take our word that it is Larissa just before she made it back into the right place!

Brent Jury got the quinella in the 105 class on two lovely young horses, Gorky Park (who is just six) and SE Highveld.  His three-star star, SE Hedging, is enjoying his stay in the North Island with Richard Otto. Brent is heading up to compete the horse at Rotorua and Puhinui.

ESNZ Eventing Board Member and Event Director, Margaret Evans, and her team did a great job of putting the competition on. In the sponsors’ tent by the water jump at lunch time, there was a short presentation to visiting Technical Delegate Des Hughes from Australia.  Des, who is originally from the Waikato, was presented with the perfect present for a Kiwi/Aussie – Kelly Wilson’s book, Saving the Snowy Brumbies.

Des Hughes, Margaret Evans

It was also great to see one of the hardest-working eventers in the country win the last class of the day. Claudia Wilson is not only the secretary for the event, but rode FIVE horses over the weekend, and won the 65cm class on Strate Shot.

Claudia Wilson (how does she fit so much into life?) won the last class on Strate Shot.

The photos from the event will be available on Pegasus Communications‘ website shortly and here are the results of all the classes.

Dunstan Horsefeeds CIC3*
1 Shaw Lee Emily Cammock 68.1
2 Lewis Emily Cammock 88.4
3 Allander Rocket Lydia Truesdale 98.4
4 Pick Up Line Corey Wood 116.9
Hei Hei Pharmacy CIC2*
1 Shoot The Breeze Kirsty Sharapoff 54.9
2 Lucero Giles Gormack 73.6
3 Rockquest Larissa Srhoy 78.1
4 Star’s Ransom Mikayla Green 90.6
5 King Curtis Janelle Gibson 174.4
Ultimate Design and Renovation CIC1*
1 Happy Go Lucky Molli Thacker 55
2 WS Paradise Rebecca Wardle 59.7
3 Alfresco Anna Poole 59.9
4 Antara Whiskey Mac Maria van Kuijk 66.9
5 Whats The Buzz Jessie Fitzjohn 70.8
Saddlery Barn CNC105
1 SE Gorky Park Brent Jury 30.2
2 SE Highveld Brent Jury 42.4
3 Tripel Shot Claudia Wilson 51.1
4 Loodle Bug Emma Simpson 52.7
5 Cavorts Tracy Haggart 68.1
 Betavet CNC105 – Under 21 years
1 My Rocket Man Charlotte Coleman 42.7
2 Kemdale Tarryn Jones 43
3 Braxton Boy Annabelle Jones 52.1
4 Corivale Greased Lightning Johanna Wylaars 57.6
5 Ka Pai Kiwi Jordan Shrimpton 67.8
Weatherbeeta CNC95
1 Mr O’Likely Rebecca Smithey 28.7
2 My Muskateer Holly Sanders 35.1
3 Des Emily Cammock 39.2
4 Tygra Lauren Enright 39.4
5 Nero Anna Poole 40.9
Lime Solutions CNC95 – Under 21
1 Te Puke Charlotte Thomas 32.8
2 Deja Vu III Georgie Dickson 34.4
3 Winston Lucy Cochrane 36.3
4 Mister Puzzle Caitlin Shrimpton 36.9
5 Yippee Ki Yay Fabriana McQuarrie 37.4
Equissage CNC80
1 Aquila’s Altair Alison Sutton 30.5
2 Harlequin Spark Nicole Bulford 33.8
3 Amberfields Grace Hayley Egan 34
4 Wallie Jo Hallenstein 34.5
5 Starlight Express Jo Benison 36.3
Equissage CNC80 – Under 21 years
1 Esperanza Power Trip Annabelle Boon 32.2
2 Rainbow Scout Caroline Holder 35
3 Airplay Georgia Levey 37
4 Illywhacker 2 Tinesha Benson 38.5
5 Pavlova Katherine Hadler 41.2
BurgerFuel CNC65
1 Strate Shot Claudia Wilson 37.5
2 High Rise Louise Hipkins 41.5
3 MandM Rowan Campbell 51.2
4 Pure Luck Amalia Rowley 55.5
5 Heads Will Roll Cameron Boon 56