Fortunately and unfortunately Mounted Games story

Max in the run up to the next part of the games where he had to get off.

The South Island Equidays had a great mounted games display in the main arena at the showgrounds. As normal for mounted games, there were plenty of thrills and speed, with riders stretching beyond what could be considered normal and getting on and off their ponies faster than ever imagined!

Uh oh, loose horse!

Unfortunately it didn’t all go according to plan for Max Shanks from the Springston Pony Club.  Part of the competition involved having to dismount for a pick-up, but Max managed to let his pony go for a second – and it was off!

Good technique Max, but man v horse is never going to work

Fortunately he was off straight away in an endeavour to catch it, and put in a great effort at sprinting across the arena, taking the shortest route, but at the speed that pony disappeared at, only Usain Bolt at his best may have had a chance of equalling (although in saying that, Max does do good Bolt impersonations!)

Yep, horse has a few lengths on Max by now

Unfortunately (for Max) we were on hand to catch all the drama and the pony was faster, soon getting way ahead of Max Bolt.

But was happy to be caught again and they head back to recommence where they parted

Fortunately, the pony didn’t go far, and Max caught it and remounted, continuing on to ensure the team did complete in true pony club fashion.  According to local sources, it’s not the first time this has happened to Max, and in fact our informants went as far as saying it was his “party trick!”

Max has learned the lesson that using your mouth instead of your hands can be beneficial sometimes

Unfortunately (for her) his team mate had to pick up the “baton” which had been in places she hadn’t expected.

And handed over to his team-mate, who may, or may not, have realised where the baton/ball has been.

Fortunately, the Springston Club is full of good sports and Max is well known as having a great sense of humour, so we are sure team spirit will be fine and Max will be smiling when he sees all these photos.