Isuzu D-Max off-road challenge action

Holly Pearce and Primo won the Youth section

One of the highlight events at this weekend’s Equidays in Christchurch was the Isuzu D-Max Off-Road Challenge. Many of the competitors had also competed at the North Island’s Equidays on different horses.

The course was not an easy one, and while there was an improvement from Saturday’s action, many of the combinations found the water obstacle tricky. However, the bridge didn’t prove too much trouble, and not many of the horses were worried about pulling the trough, either. Then there were the flappy stripes to go through, and everyone had to back up the ramp!  Standing on the wooden platform didn’t work for all, but most managed to open and close the gate fairly well.

Not happy, but still went through!

Holly Pearce did a great job of most of the obstacles, and her quick thinking to lead her horse, Primo, through the water after a spook certainly paid off.  She won the competition and was obviously delighted.

The pluckiest competitor of the weekend must be Trish Taylor-Ward, who had a really unfortunate fall when her horse’s hind legs slipped.  She was soon back on, despite the heavy landing, and completed the course to earn a ribbon at the end.  She really gave the competition everything, and although she wasn’t the youngest competitor in the field, she was definitely the most determined.

Poor Trish Taylor-Ward ended up on the ground after her horse slipped, but she went on to finish and win a ribbon!

Jane Christie and Silver Diva had a good round to win the Rookie competition. Cole Cameron did a great job of the commentary, often giving the riders advice, and encouraging them along the way.

Well done to everyone involved, it certainly was a crowd-pleaser.