Another amazing Springston save!

Pony Club competitions are just the best place to go and witness what we all love about our sport. There are those that make it look easy, those that really have to try hard and do (or don’t), and those that go beyond what you think is possible to avoid cross country penalties.

Here’s a good example of the latter. Keeli Cormack on Undisclosed were part of the wonderful Clyde Green team and as the team only had five members, it was important to get as many home as possible to post an elusive “live” score.  When Undisclosed left a leg behind on the second element of Fence 5, it looked like Keeli wasn’t going to be one of those getting home for the team, but by sheer determination and downright plucky perseverance, she stayed on and completed the course, contributing to the team score. While they didn’t finish in the top ten, they did finish with a live score, which is an achievement in itself! It was also Keeli’s first time at the Springston Trophy and she has only been competing for two seasons!

Well done Keeli! We look forward to seeing your helmet cam viewpoint!

Keeli Cormack, Undisclosed over the first element of the fifth fence, and looking good!
Keeli could be in trouble here as Undisclosed leaves a leg on the second element
While Undisclosed has recovered from his awkward jump fine, Keeli is not exactly in the perfect position!
She is looking rather worried – as anyone would be!
Hang on Keeli!
It is touch and go but Undisclosed is heading back towards the truck park.
Cling-on Keeli Cormack
Starting to get back in position – sort of!
Picking up speed and position – don’t worry about stirrups!
Looking like nothing has gone wrong the fence right before this jump, Keeli Cormack and  Undisclosed jump into the water clear!