Muzi has bragging rights

Clarke and Balmoral Sensation having their first start of the season

Amanda (‘Muzi’) Pottinger can enjoy full bragging rights now that she’s had a victory over Clarke Johnstone and Balmoral Sensation. Muzi and Just Kidding won the CNC2* at Hawke’s Bay this weekend, taking the lead after dressage and, despite adding a number of time faults, managing to hold on to it. The class was three-star level for dressage and show jumping, and two-star for cross-country, so a good way of starting the season for many of our top combinations. Donna Edwards-Smith had the fastest time of the day, with 14.8 time faults, on the palomino Mr Hokey Pokey. The pair finished fourth.

In the Hygain CNC2* it was a good win to Brooke Campbell on Freddy Dash, with Bryce Newman taking second and third on Bates Our Entourage and Bates Gamekeeper respectively.

Brooke Campbell and Freddy Dash on their way to a win in the CNC2*

Clarke was the definite winner in the Livamol CNC1* on In Disguise, adding just 4.8 time faults to his dressage score.

There were a number of new combinations competing this weekend, including Jock Paget on Snow Leopard (previously with Heelan Tompkins), Muzi Pottinger on Pampero (previously with Holly Morrell) and Greer Caddigan on Mr Mancini (previously with Campbell Draper). It was a good start for Greer, as the pair won the Forbes & Co. CNC105 Under 21.

It was also very good to see Sarah Young on SS Galaxy, who was out for a run after 18 months off with an injury.

Results (with an image gallery below)

1 Lumberjack Logging Ltd CNC2*+ (3*Dressage & SJ, 2* Cross Country)
1 Amanda ‘Muzi’ Pottinger Just Kidding 50.5
2 Clarke Johnstone Balmoral Sensation 51.8
3 Sarah Young Leo Degas 52.8
4 Donna Edwards-Smith DSE Mr Hokey Pokey 60.3
5 Donna Edwards-Smith DSE Tangolooma 63.9
2 Hygain CNC2*
1 Brooke Campbell Freddy Dash 36.8
2 Bryce Newman Bates Our Entourage 39
3 Bryce Newman Bates Game Keeper 42.3
4 Denise Rushbrook Eton MVNZ 46
5 Isaac Twigg The Juggler 50.7
3 Livamol CNC1*
1 Clarke Johnstone In Disguise 32.4
2 Judy Hatfull Timely 38.6
3 Cherie Jaques Black Gem 38.8
4 Jeffrey Amon My Silver Lining 39.6
5 Madison Crowe Waitangi Pinterest 40.4
4 Horse & Groom Equine Jobs CNC1* (Restricted to 6, 7 & 8 year old horses)
1 Chanel Griffiths Astek Guardsman 30.1
2 Samantha Felton Ricker Ridge Riley 39.9
3 Claudia Hurley Dartanian 45.4
4 Monica Oakley Acrobat 53.9
5 Denise Rushbrook Wassup Gee 54
5 Oakley Equine CNC105
1 Sarah Young Equador MW 33.7
2 Danielle Wheeler Pierre 33.8
3 Abigail Long My Tom Tom 36.8
4 Charlotte Barraclough Jolis Coeur 40
5 Helen McGrath Woodbine Just In Case 40.6
6 Forbes & Co. CNC105 Under 21
1 Greer Caddigan Mr Mancini 28.9
2 Caroline Howell Telestory 33.2
3 Jeffrey Amon JA Take a Shot 33.2
4 Samuel Amon RM Let It Be 34.8
5 Charlotte Edwards Coroglen Ziva 35
7A RockinHorse CNC95 A
1 Helen McGrath Woodbine Magic Maze 37.3
2 Cherie Jaques Wizard 38.2
3 Bundy Philpott Regal Riems 38.2
4 Natasha Edwards Royale Bean 38.5
5 Bryar Kirkeby HNS Ambition 38.5
7B RockinHorse CNC95 B
1 Abbey Thompson DSE Lannister 32
2 Lauren Currie Spectacular Brew 34
3 Ashley Johnston Miss Vee NZPH 34.2
4 Bryar Kirkeby HNS Chrialka Gienah 36.8
5 Ingrid Bardsley Apatchi Lad 38.9
8 CNC95 Under 18
1 Kayleigh McLachlan Burnadeem 33
2 Maggie White Richie McHorse 34.8
3 Georgia Moody How Fantastique 38.5
4 Gabrielle Bell San Cabo 40.3
5 Kendyll Miller HH Red Rock 41
9A BetaVet CNC80 A
1 Helen McGrath Woodbine Just Magic 34.5
2 Abigail Long Henton Audacious 35.5
3 Alexandra Gault Storytime 38.2
4 Tayla Mason The Joker 42.2
5 Ashley Johnston Quickstep NZPH 42.6
9B BetaVet CNC80 B
1 Alexandra Gault El Escolta 30
2 Yvonne Steers Poldark 32.9
3 Melissa Wall Evan 34
4 Eliza Raven Royals 38
5 Jenny Meares Finley Downs 39.2