Stringer Trophy cuteness overload!

Geraldine Rae, Joan and Bob Stringer, with Liz Thomas – all huge contributors to the pony club scene

What a wonderful event the Stringer Trophy is!  It was held today at the Rangiora Pony Club, with a record number of teams entered – 30!

This is the event for pony clubbers who are not as experienced as those competing in the Springston Trophy next weekend – in fact, you can’t enter if you have competed at the Springston Trophy.  It is a combined training format (i.e. dressage then show jumping), then another round of ‘Optimum Time’ show jumping, where it is all about coming the closest to the allowed time.

Annabelle Boon, Rednalghih Aoife, a member of the winning team!

There were some beautiful ponies in action today, and some great riding by young riders. The theme of the day was definitely having fun, and the atmosphere was very relaxed with plenty of supporting parents on hand to help out as volunteers and cheerleaders.

Okuku Pony Club had a great day, coming first and second in the Stringer Trophy. The Roydvale Ragamuffins were third.

We’ve got another story to come on this wonderful event – tomorrow! Photos will be available soon for purchase from Jane Thompson’s website