Express Eventing in Canterbury

It was a beautiful day for express eventing at the McLeans Island National Equestrian Centre. There were some wild and woolley horses and ponies keen to get their season under way – well done to the dressage judges! There were good tests too, however, so plenty of riders have been doing their dressage homework over the winter.

With a beautiful backdrop of snow-covered mountains, the NEC looked great and ready for a full season of competion ahead.

We hope you enjoy our gallery of photos during a brief visit this morning.


95cm A Division
Cruise Control Max Shanks 36.8 1
Dingmac Demoiselle Isabelle Ussher 37 2
Jubilee Regal Asset Maria Hendry 37.5 3
The Roman Warrior Jordan Dunlop 41.2 4
95 B Division
Charlie Brown Beth Krehic 31.8 1
Bently Sharne Paton 33 2
Nyiiad Jamie Atkinson 35.4 3
Paddy India Martin 35.6 4
105 cm A Division
Rockquest Larissa Srhoy 31.4 1
Damani Jordan Lloyd 32 2
Star’s Ransom Mikayla Green 34.2 3
Jeepers Creepers Giles Gormack 38.8 4
105 B Division
Dubbel Shot II Claudia Wilson 33.2 1
Ka Pai Kiwi Jordan Shrimpton 35.8 2
Hakuna Matata Katherine Hadler 39 3
Nice and Natural Max Shanks 44 4