A wet trot-up at Taupo

While the morning wasn’t too bad for the NZ Horse & Pony Young Event Horse Championship, the skies dumped on us for the trot-up in the afternoon. It looks like it will be a wet day for tomorrow’s dressage as well, but if (as they say) it only rains for two days in Taupo, Saturday and Sunday should be better!

Most riders went for a practical, less-elegant look, in an effort to keep dry and warm, though some did manage to sparkle in the gloom of the rain.

Unfortunately, there were some casualties from the trot-up. Renee Faulkner withdraw The Dragon Warrior from the hold box, as did Savanna Stirling with Ngahiwi Lenny. Jessie Fitzjohn’s What’s the Buzz, fresh from success at the Pony Club Eventing Championships in Whangarei, was not accepted.

Here’s a selection of some of the riders who really did make an effort to dress well during the damp conditions at Taupo today. We’ve also including some photos of the first official riders’ briefing and introductions, and of the officials who stayed in the rain longer than most.

And even more exciting is having a bunch of Libby Law photos to add to our gallery!