New strategy for Equestrian Australia

CEO of Equestrian Australia, Paula Ward

Equestrian Australia (EA) has finalised its four-year Strategic Plan. According to EA, each component of the plan will bring a ‘unified, consistent, measured and proactive approach’ to the advancement of equestrian sport.

EA’s Chief Executive Officer, Paula Ward, says it is an important, exciting and timely step forward for the sport. The plan was developed in consultation with state branches and EA members. “The love of the horse represents a key focal point for everything we do, and will hopefully resonate with our community. This four-year plan will set the foundation for equestrian sport to thrive in Australia for generations to come.”

Below is the summary document EA has released on the new plan.

Strategic Priorities 2017-2020

Deliver value to our members

We recognise the landscape of participation is changing. EA needs to become more meaningful and connected within the community. This will be achieved through increased levels of communication and user-friendly digital resources, while seeking to provide greater flexibility for access into the sport through the development and execution of highly effective pathways for athletes, coaches, and officials.

Continuously improve member safety and horse welfare

We will be leaders in safety and risk management practices and policies and will champion the implementation of safety initiatives across Australia for horses and riders.

Lead high performance

We will implement a two-tiered High Performance plan centred on the “current cycle” to focus on medal delivery at Tokyo 2020 and the “future cycle” to identify talent and implement a development program integrated with the State branches and Australia’s Winning Edge (AWE) objectives. We will also develop both athletes and horses for future elite levels, across all disciplines, to ensure we remain globally competitive.

Strengthen our foundation

We will identify opportunities to highlight and promote equestrian sport in an effort to raise its profile across Australia. We will build and foster relationships with external stakeholders and corporate partners to ensure we remain current for our members. We will initiate change in our business to constantly improve the environment in which we operate, to ensure we maximise the visibility of the sport.

We will build a financial and cultural foundation from which the sport can extend its reach and capacity. Strong governance, effective leadership, efficient procedures and best practice administration management will ensure we achieve success.

Behave as one

We will work proactively with all levels of the sport including state branches, members, organising committees and volunteers to collaborate and achieve the best outcomes for the sport.