Gear failure but keep smiling!

When your stirrup, complete with leather, hits the ground between fences one and two, you know you are in big trouble.

Not ideal when an official has your stirrup leather and iron in their hand before fence 2!

If this happened between fences 16 and 17 or somewhere later in the course, many would carry on, but so early in the course? No, you stop and get it back on!

Sian Macdonald and Chellar getting their stirrup back in the right place with a bit of help from Karen

This happened to Sian Macdonald and Chellar from Waikato in the DC section. It took a while to get the gear back in the right place, but Sian then went on and jumped clear. Sure, she had big bunch of time faults, but she still posted a score and when you see the photos, you will see she also had a great time!

Sian Macdonald and Chellar are back on track and over fence 2
Sian and Chellar jumped this combination really well
Sian Macdonald and Chellar – both happy to get back to full speed ahead