Complete set of national one-day championships for Sam

Samantha Felton and Ricker Ridge Escada won the Waipa Home Of Champions CIC3* Forest Gate Trophy Championship. Bundy Philpott was second, with Andy Daines third. Vaughn Jefferis and Jo Rotheray were on hand to present the Bounce Trophy (Image: Libby Law)

Samantha Felton has won the Waipa Home of Champions CIC3* at Kihikihi on Ricker Ridge Escada, and in doing so, has clinched the last national one-day event championship title eluding her. She has won national titles in every other section (105, one- and two-star) in previous years on Henton After Dark.

Samantha Felton and Ricker Ridge Escada doing what is becoming a Kihikihi tradition – jumping the podium. (Image: Libby Law)

The national two-star one-day championship was won by Brooke Campbell on Freddy Dash. Clarke Johnstone and Balmoral Sensation won the class, but were excluded from title honours due to their achievements at a higher level.

Brooke Campbell and Freddy Dash, winners of the CIC2* Wateko Trophy (Image: Libby Law)

But, Clarke did score a title at Kihikihi: he’s the one-star champion for 2017 on In Disguise, adding another national title to his collection. It is also another title for Janene Maxwell’s lovely horse, as In Disguise won the Tait Trophy in 2014.

Clarke Johnstone and In Disguise take the Wade Equine Coaches CIC1* Ferndale Trophy Championship (Image: Libby Law)

This year’s Tait Trophy was won by Christine Jeffs’ Spellbound, and Northland’s Megan Finlayson won the Horselands CIC1* on Greensleeves.

Anna Mesman and Chester FW won the Vosper CNC105 Open A and Jeffery Amon and JA Take a Shot won the Vosper CNC105 Open B.

We will have a full report up tomorrow, along with some more fabulous photos from Libby Law Photography and Take the Moment Photography.


Waipa Home of Champions CIC 3* Forest Gate Trophy Championship
1 Ricker Ridge Escada Samantha Felton 77.2
2 Tresca NZPH Bundy Philpott 81.4
3 Spring Panorama Andrew Daines 90.1
4 Cor Jet Chloe Phillips-Harris 92.1
5 Benrose Super Star Sarah Dalziell-Clout 98.5
Trust Waikato CIC2* – Waiteko Trophy Championship
1 Balmoral Sensation Clarke Johnstone 42.2
2 Just Kidding Amanda ‘Muzi’ Pottinger 48
3 Freddy Dash Brooke Campbell 57.7
4 Enzo Abigail Long 58
5 Snow Leopard Heelan Tompkins 58.3
Wade Equine Coaches CIC 1* Ferndale Salver Trophy Championship
1 In Disguise Clarke Johnstone 40.9
2 Ricker Ridge Sooty GNZ Samantha Felton 42.8
3 Eon Kate Herdson 43.5
3 Eye Spy Dannie Lodder 43.5
5 Lyrical Angela Lloyd 43.8
Horselands – CIC 1*
1 Greensleeves Megan Finlayson 40.2
2 Pampero Holly Morrell 50.6
3 Showcause Kelsey Leahy 52.4
4 LV Little Chief Dayna Fox 54
5 Django Abby Lawrence 54.1
JLT CNC 105 Tait Trophy Championship
1 Spellbound Christine Jeffs 33.3
2 My Tom Tom Abigail Long 34
3 Astek Gravitty Sophie Wilkinson 35.2
5 Astek Varius Sophie Wilkinson 35.4
5 Pierre Danielle Wheeler 35.4
Vosper CNC105 Open A
1 Chester FW Anna Mesman 30.8
2 Cricket Anna Nelson 32.5
3 Presque Noir Kaasandra Chee 36.2
4 Your Royal Highness Paxton Conder 38.2
5 Barrington (Dressage Queens Not!) Melissa Armit 38.8
Vosper CNC105 Open B
1 JA Take a Shot Jeffrey Amon 28.8
2 Noble Value Eden Doull 29.4
3 Pioneer Makokomiko (Last But Not Least) Scout Lodder 31.5
4 Sharvalley Music Anne Marie Styles 32
5 El Novio Sarah Bleakley 32.5