Happy birthday Tim Price

Tim – usually has a big smile on his face!  (Image: Libby Law)

It’s Tim Price’s birthday!  Happy  birthday Tim. Only 38 years old and due to be a daddy in August!

When we were catching up with the Price baby news, we also found out a bit more about what was happening with the horses in the Price stables.

Wesko’s progress was obviously of lots of interest. Jonelle confirmed that he was back in work, but that his future is still up in the air. “It has been a difficult process but he is back in work and they are still deciding what next to do with him.” The lovely horse had a significant injury just under a year ago and then his owner died just a few months later.

Tim and Wesko on their way to winning Luhmuhlen in 2014 (image: Libby Law)

Tim has three horses destined for the spring four-star events. His first one will be the Rolex Kentucky four-star 27-30 April and he is taking Ringwood Sky Boy to this competition for the first time.  Last year Tim took Bango to Kentucky and was looking like he was going to be the first to complete the very wet cross country under time when disaster struck at the second-to-last fence.  The year before he had been second on Wesko to Michael Jung on Fischerrocana FST. Michael is back to defend his title with this lovely mare, as well as his up-and-coming young horse, FischerTakinou.

Tim Price on Bango: a great round until the two parted company after the second-to-last fence (Image: Libby Law)

This year Tim decided to take Ringwood Sky Boy rather than Bango, who instead is aimed at Badminton along with Xavier Faer. Tim reported that RSB aka ‘Oz’ is feeling very good and ready for some springtime action. “Oz has been to Badminton three times in a row now and springtime fever gets him a little bit.  I think they do start to know where they are, and he just basically gets a little hot in the dressage. That arena is very recognisable, you have to walk all the way up to the arena and he sees all the tents and goes ‘oh that’s right, I know where I am.’  We know that he fires well and so hopefully Kentucky will bring out the best in him.”

A pat from Tim Price for Ringwood Sky Boy (Image: Libby Law)

We hope so too! The pair deserve a bit of luck this year, with a very unlucky fall on the flat at the Olympics, and at last year’s Badminton, just pecking on landing over the infamous Vicarage Vee – enough to tip Tim onto the ground.

Happy birthday Tim, and your 39th year is one with lots of joy and success!