HOY: a purple near-miss

Great stickability shown by Jasmine Sketchley

Jasmine Sketchley did a great job of sticking with Bravado Ego Z in the Dunstan Nutrition Seven-Year-Old Horse class (as part of the Cortaflex breeding series) at Horse of the Year. The pair finished the course with 12 jump faults and six time faults so were out of the money, but what a great effort, Jasmine!  And a brilliant effort on Libby’s part too, for catching this amazing sequence.

Melody Matheson won the class on Graffitti MH.

The jump didn’t go according to plan to start with. (Image: Libby Law Photography)
The rail came down and it looks like Jasmine might be heading the same way. Libby Law Photography
Jasmine must be checking out where she could potentially land. (Image: Libby Law Photography
Bravado Ego Z looks like he is telling Jasmine to hang on in there! (Image: Libby Law Photography)
Jasmine gets her leg back towards the right place (Image: Libby Law Photography)
Jasmine is certainly entertaining the spectators (Image: Libby Law Photography)
Just as well Bravado Ego Z has a good strong neck! (Image: Libby Law Photography)
And then there was the next fence, looking perfectly composed! What a great recovery! (Image: Libby Law Photography)