Adorable Gypsy Cobs

Nicola Dalmeida and The Lovable Rogue with judge Melissa Jebson after their win

Canterbury’s Melissa Jebson had the difficult task of deciding on the winners of the Gypsy Cob classes this morning at the 2017 Horse of the Year Show.

The in-hand classes had some stunning horses in it. The In-hand Youngstock purebred Gypsy Cob of the year (3 years and under) went to Swanhaven Boots n’ All shown by Julie Coker. ‘Boots’ was bred by Alison Swanson who was stewarding at the event and was reserve in this class last year. Julie, from Gisborne, has just started Boots in harness. “He’s so sweet, and just such a little character.”

The lovely Boots

In the young stock part bred Gypsy Cob of the year (3 years and under) it was a great win for Sarah Gordon with Chatto Creek Gaia, with Nicole Munro and Karawara Traveller’s Luminitsa second. ‘Ruby’ is a half clydesdale and half gypsy cob filly, who Sarah describes as being “very hard case!” Sarah bought her from Central Otago as a weanling. “When she first arrived she just jumped out of every paddock or yard we put her in, she just wanted to join us wherever we were.” She is off to be broken in soon, and Sarah plans on breeding her soon, and bringing her back in again when she is more mature. Sarah and Ruby also won the best mannered class.

Sarah Gordon and Chatto Creek Gaia win the best mannered partbred

The in hand adult Gypsy Cob of the Year was won by The Lovable Rogue shown by Nicola Dalmeida for the second year in a row. Georgia Allison was runner up with Gypsy Elite Prides Dreamcatcher. The six-year-old was imported from Scotland and now stands at stud in Hunua, Auckland as well as competing in dressage and showing classes.

Nicola Dalmeida & The Lovable Rogue – Adult Purebred Gypsy Cob of the Year.

The Lovable Rogue went on to also win the A2B Horse Transport Ridden Purebred Gypsy Cob of the Year, ridden by Chanelle Walsh. Swanhaven James was runner up, ridden by Laura Sykes.

Nicola Dalmeida and The Lovable Rogue

Gina Stamp got very emotional when she won the in hand part bred Gypsy Cob of the Year with her beautiful Westfield Truffle. Stacy Kerrison with Royal Dynasty was second. Gina has three small children and what spare time she finds, she puts into her horse. “I have to work very hard to make this happen so it is very rewarding to top off the season like this. I just love her so much. I feel so safe with her, she gives me everything.” Gina has had Truffle for about two years, and she has just recently been broken in. “It is a pleasure riding her, I so enjoy it. She is really placid and laid back, just a gorgeous girl.” Gina was also delighted with the prizes she won. “It is my first garland, I have always wanted one.”

Gina Stamp and Westfield Truffle  – the win meant a lot to Gina

Hallmarks Royal Dynasty ridden by Stacy Kerrison improved from being second in in the ridden class, taking out the Ridden Part bred Gypsy Cob of the Year.

Stacy Kerrison and Royal Dynasty were runners up in the in-hand class and went on to win the riding class championships