Magic Matamata eventing

A lovely cross-country course at Matamata was enjoyed by all competitors

Jordie Watson & Meersbrook Viva La Vida fly the C element of the 1.10 water jump (Image: Take the Moment)

There were some excellent reports on the effort that Matamata Pony Club went to in order to run their popular event over the weekend, and course designer Rowan Armer has developed some great jumps for those competing at the lower grades. The fences were beautifully dressed and decorated, with even little mini palisades, trakheners and corners – which is a lovely change from the standard logs and portables that are most often seen at 65 and 80cm level.

Cherie Jaques quinellaed the top class, 1.10m, with her talented team of Tobinator (the winner) and Black Gem.

Cherie Jaques won the 1.10 on Tobinator & was 2nd on Black Gem (pictured) (Image: Take the Moment)

Su Jenkins won the 1.05 class on Anonymous, from Kaasandra Chee on Presque Noir.

Alena Dorotich and Donner XS, fifth in the 95 U21 (Image: Take the Moment)

The Amon family had a good weekend, with Danielle third in the 1.10 on JA Candy Girl, Jeffrey third in the 1.05 on JA Take A Shot, and Samuel third in the U21 95cm class, on RM Let It Be.

A big jump over the ditch for Molly Anderson & Jungle Bunny in the 80 U25 (Image: Take the Moment)

There were classes for children and adults down to 65cm level, and overall these greener horses and riders had a wonderful time of the cross-country, with big smiles all around.

There will be another event there next month, with classes right up to CNC2* and great prize money, so get those entries in and experience this wonderful new venue.

Aleisha Wilson & Rainbow Phoenix had a great round in the 95cm U25 class (Image: Take the Moment)
Emma Rixon & Mahoe Moon Chick in the 65 U18 (Image: Take the Moment)
Sophie McQuade & Adlou Patrick Star in the 65 A U18 (Image: Take the Moment)
Trilby Johnston & Mt Tulloch Royal Command won the 65 A U18 (Image: Take the Moment)
Sian MacDonald & Chellar jump boldly into the water. The finished fifth in the 1.05 (Image: Take the Moment)


1.10cm class
1 Tobinator Cherie Jaques 32.9
2 Black Gem Cherie Jaques 35.2
3 JA Candy Girl Danielle Amon 46.4
4 Tarndale Endeavor Katrina Butler Gallie 47.7
5 Trojan Warrior Samuel Amon 48
1.05cm class
1 Anonymous Su Jenkins 28.3
2 Presque Noir Kaasandra Chee 40.2
3 JA Take a Shot Jeffrey Amon 40.5
4 Hullabalou Antonia Baillie 41.2
5 Chellar Sian Macdonald 42.6
95 A under21
1 Swan Lake Clay Harris 30.5
2 Sharvalley Music Grace Contessi 31.8
3 RM Let It Be Samuel Amon 37.2
4 Cajun Clay Harris 37.7
5 Donner XS Alena Dorotich 37.9
95cm over 21
1 Volanti Rowan Dixon 27.7
2 Astek Varius Sophie Wilkinson 32.5
3 Devereux Bridget Hawthorn 34.2
4 Mighty Dream Kirsty Guilfoyle 34.5
5 Astek Gravitty Sophie Wilkinson 35.2
NZPC 80 A under 25
1 Charlie Boomerang Jordie Watson 28.2
2 Hometown Boi Dani Lamont 31.3
3 Order of The Phoenix Zoe Booth 31.6
4 Tickled Pink Emily De Klerk 37.5
5 Pringle Jeffrey Amon 38.2
NZPC 80 B over 25
1 Mr Bodacious Tony McAllister 29.5
2 Clifton Domino Robyn McLaughlin 33.2
3 Macaroany Emma Finn 36.2
4 Flying Circus Janet Gifford-Bryan 37.6
5 Warrior Queen Anita Cornwell 38.4
6 Country Secret Louise Leonard 38.4
NZPC 65 A under 18
1 Mt Tulloch Royal Command Trilby Johnston 33.6
2 Smarty Marty Catriona Lamb 34.6
3 Arctic Flame Brooke Dunbar 35.7
4 Ellie Bell Tessa Bradcock 36.8
5 Showtym Champagne Grace Prendergast 41.1
NZPC 65 B over 18
1 Dennis The Menace Maree Bradcock 32.4
2 Vacation Kimberley White 43.6
3 The Ace of Spades Jessica Brosnan 45
4 Gin & Tonic Annmarie Hughes 48.6
5 The Sentinel II Karyn McQuade 49.7