Jumping for Cancer at Hagley Park

An exciting new show jumping venue!

Hagley Park, right in the heart of Christchurch, is the exciting setting for a very special show jumping competition to raise funds for a cancer charity.

Various spectacular venues have been used overseas to showcase equestrian sport: Hagley Park is New Zealand’s version, and it will be THE place to be on March 24 at 4pm.

Forty horses and ponies will compete, and there will be a VIP guest marquee (see ticket details below). Admission to other areas is free.  

Roger Laplanche builds great courses and will be an interesting person to lead the course walk at Hagley Park

Those in the VIP marquees will have the opportunity to do the course walk with FEI course designer Roger Laplanche, tour the trucks, and also listen to an outstanding young man called Jake Bailey. 

Jake is the Christchurch teenager who left his hospital bed (where he was being treated for cancer) to give an inspirational speech at his school’s prize-giving. It not only touched those who were present: it touched and impressed people around the world. If you haven’t seen or heard it, here is the link.  It’s well worth a watch. 

Just over a year ago, Jack announced that he was in remission. To hear this young man’s story in person will be a special moment.

Jake Bailey, an inspirational young man

Tickets for the VIP area are $200 each. There will be opportunities for all visitors to donate to the charity, with collectors in the public area. If you would like a ticket (or a table), then email jem.roh@xtra.co.nz

The team at Christchurch’s  Botanic Gardens is currently growing masses of pink flowers to decorate the jumps and surrounding area. The arena will look amazing!

And, for those who want to make a weekend of it, the Canterbury Championships will be on too, at the South Island Equestrian Centre, McLeans Island.