Eventing in Rotorua

Hannah Doak & Ralph won the CNC 95 Under 18 (Image: Take the Moment)

There were good entries at Rotorua, but many elected not to ride across country in the CNC2*Plus, including dressage leader Sarah Young on Leo Degas. In the end it was Sarah Dalziell-Clout who won on Benrose Super Star after jumping clear cross-country but with time faults.

Jeffrey Amon & My Silver Lining, second in the CNC**Plus (Image: Take the Moment)

There were plenty of clear rounds in the CNC2*, with Abigail Long moving up the leaderboard from third after dressage take the win. Finishing on your dressage score is the aim, and it certainly worked for Abigail.

Savanna Stirling & Ngahiwi Lenny competing in their first CNC 2* (Image: Take the Moment)

The same tactics worked for those who won each of the three divisions in the CNC*: Maddie Crowe on the exciting young Lucius GNZ (A division), Louise Mulholland and Mr McTaggart (B division) and Cherie Jaques with Black Gem in the C division. Cherie quinellaed that class, also finishing second on Tobinator.


Dom Health CNC**plus
1 Sarah Dalziell-Clout Benrose Super Star
2 Jeffrey Amon My Silver Lining
3 Ashleigh McKinstry Pioneer Brass Monkey
4 Diane Gilder Your Attorney
5 Samantha Felton Ricker Ridge Rui
Marks + Ewen Veterinary Hospital CNC**
1 Abigail Long Enzo
2 Charlotte Edwards Facade
3 Abby Lawrence Song
4 Abby Lawrence Charlton Yamani
5 Bryce Newman Falstaff
3A Dunstan CNC* A
1 Madison Crowe Lucius GNZ
2 Stephanie Vervoort X Factor
3 Aleisha Collett Simply Mitch
4 Kyle Calder Apteryx
5 Christen Lane Kinnordy Rhani
3B Dunstan CNC* B
1 Louise Mulholland Mr McTaggart
2 Denise Rushbrook Eton MVNZ
3 Andrew Daines Lexington
4 Emma Sorensen HH Red Rock
6 Alindi Jordaan Eskimo Joe
5 Danielle Amon JA Candy Girl
3C Dunstan CNC* C
1 Cherie Jaques Black Gem
2 Cherie Jaques Tobinator
4 Donna Edwards-Smith DSE Cluny
3 Jessica Woods Just de Manzana
4A Reyna Equestrian CNC 105 A
1 Samantha Felton Ricker Ridge Riley
2 Louise Mulholland Sandros Salute MW
3 Kelsey Leahy Showcause
4 Juliet Wood Waitangi Amazon
5 Rachel Cave Sinista
4B Reyna Equestrian CNC 105 B
1 Sarah Young Equador MW
2 Danielle Wheeler Pierre
3 Jessica Woods LV Balou Skye
4 Judy Hatfull Vanishing Point
5 Shannon Galloway Day Walker
5 The Works Wellness Centre CNC 105 Amateur
1 Samantha Parker RH Checkles
2 Michelle Baillie Hi Vyta
3 Charlotte Barraclough Jolis Coeur
4 Mary Matthews Hes A Gem
5 Melody Shewan Alice D
6 Equissage CNC 105 U21
1 Eloise King Shevchenko
2 Eden Doull Noble Value
3 Meg Dempster Pixie Caramel
4 Kari Wratten-Lowe Jacs Ladd
5 Jeffrey Amon JA Take a Shot
7A Barbara Thomson Photography CNC 95 A
1 Janine Hayde Brentwood Surprise
2 Ashleigh Mckinstry Pioneer Conny
3 Jessie Montgomery Ready to Rock
4 Nicole McGiven McCormicks Lad
5 Jeffrey Amon Soleil
7B Spot On Photo CNC 95 B
1 Melissa Armit Barrington
2 Angela Matheson Rock Opera
3 Sophie Wilkinson Astek Varius
4 Greer Caddigan Waitangi Worldwide
5 Mary Matthews Just A Gem
8 Take The Moment CNC 95 Under 18
1 Hannah Doak Ralph
2 Grace McColgan Foxglove
3 Troy Gregerson Kevin
4 Emma Matches South
5 Georgia Strachan Ladyhawke