Auckland are NZPCA dressage champions

The winning Auckland team: victory in both the North Island and New Zealand championships (Image: P Brooking Photography)

Auckland Area Dressage Team emerged as the North Island winners of the North Island Prydes NZ Pony Club Dressage Championships for 2017. Their team score of 555.434 saw them claim the New Zealand title as well, nudging out the Canterbury team who scored 548.028 in the South Island leg which was held a couple of weeks ago in Otago.

The Auckland Junior riders were Bella Small, Lauren Kats and Sami Green and they came out on top for the best score in the North Island, also winning the National Coaches award for best overall junior team.

The Auckland Seniors won the same prizes for their section. Well done, Alena Dorotich, Kate Herdson and Amy Sage. Ashleigh Williams was the team coach.

Canterbury’s team was Charlotte Thomas, Millie Thompson, Danielle Chambers, Kirsty Jacomb, Jordan Kruger and Niamh Rayne.

The Waikato team finished third overall. Their riders were Julia Wykes, Anna Wilson, Morgan Beere, Tyler Robertson, Jenny Bevege and Irina Smith.

The Hawke’s Bay team of Annabel Kerr, Emma Matches, Emma Dunderdale, Olivia Goggin, Willa Aitken, and Rebecca Aplin was fourth.

Fifth was Franklin Thames Valley, with Ashburton South Canterbury North Otago sixth.

Morgan Beere on Wembleybrook Sergio for the Waikato Team (Image: P Brooking Photography)

The Lynley Price Trophy for the highest placed pony in the Teams Championship went to
Morgan Beere from Waikato, riding Wembleybrook Sergio. Morgan also won the Pony Breeders Society of NZ Dressage Sash for a pony fully registered with the society, the best score for a junior at high school and the Barbara Harvey Rosebowl donated by the Taranaki Area for the individual junior rider with the highest aggregate score.

Who won all the ribbons and trophies? Morgan Beere certainly had her fair share! (Image: P Brooking Photography)

The Blue Legend Rosebowl donated by the Holmes family for the Individual Senior Rider with the highest aggregate score went to Auckland’s Amy Sage on RM All About Me.

Amy Sage and RM All About Me had the highest aggregate score in the senior section (Image: PBrooking Photography)

The highest score for a secondary school pupil went to Alena Dorotich, who rode Astek Ginsling, from Auckland. Charlotte Roberts on Brookfields Panache from the Ashburton South Canterbury North Otago team won the best overall score for a junior at their first championships and  Amy Sage won the best overall score for a senior at their first championships.

The North Island results were: Auckland 1st, Waikato 2nd, Hawke’s Bay 3rd, Franklin Thames Valley 4th, Manawatu West Coast 5th and Bay of Plenty 6th. The South Island placings were Canterbury 1st, Ashburton South Canterbury North Otago 2nd, Otago Southland 3rd, Marlborough Nelson West Coast 4th.

The South Island teams had a change of venue (to Otago Taieri Showgrounds), as the original one, Marlborough, had suffered earthquake damage. This meant the riders competed on a grass surface, but a shortage of grounds meant the organisers of the North Island event were unable to do the same.

Full results:

  • Auckland, 555.434, 1st
  • Canterbury,  548.028, 2nd
  • Waikato, 541.634, 3rd
  • Hawkes Bay, 538.645, 4th
  • Franklin Thames Valley, 534.191, 5th
  • Ashburton South Canterbury North Otago, 534.131, 6th
  • Manawatu West Coast, 526.238, 7th
  • Bay of Plenty, 523.300, 8th
  • Northland, 521.096, 9th
  • Otago Southland, 518.293, 10th
  • Waitemata Rodney, 505.289, 11th
  • Marlborough Nelson West Coast, 505.166, 12th