ESNZ Eventing Series standings after Puhinui

Here are the full standings of the various series classes after the completion of Puhinui, which marks the season's halfway point


Ginny Thompson’s brilliant win on Star Nouveau in the Honda CCI3* at the Puhinui Three-day Event over the weekend has seen her rocket up the ESNZ Eventing Super League standings, but she was not able to catch Donna Edwards-Smith and DSE Mr Hokey Pokey, who added more points to their already impressive tally in the series with their third placing in the class. Both riders now have a 50+ point margin over their rivals at the top of the Super League.

Virginia Thompson and Star Nouveau at Puhinui (Image: Libby Law)

Virginia and Donna will no doubt continue to battle it out when the eventing season recommences in late January.

  1. Donna Edwards-Smith (Te Kauwhata), DSE Mr Hokey Pokey, 114 pts;
  2. Virginia Thompson (Kaukapakapa), Star Nouveau, 102 pts;
  3. Sam Felton (Matangi), Ricker Ridge Escada, 51 pts;
  4. Jackson Bovill (Matangi), Visionnaire, 51 pts;
  5. Andy Daines (Kumeu), Spring Panorama, 48 pts;
  6. Brent Jury (Rangiora), SE Hedging, 48 pts;
  7. Diane Gilder (Te Kauwhata), Your Attorney, 36 pts.


Under the new series rules, riders may only contest one series, but all classes they compete in count, whatever the level. This has led to some interesting and possibly confusing standings – for example, Sarah Young leading the Mitavite Young Rider series on Equador MW, who she is competing at 105cm level, while last year’s Young Rider series winner, Jackson Bovill, now competing at 3* level and fifth in the Super League, languishes in sixth place.

Junior Riders fill second to fourth, having elected to contest the Young Rider series, although they competed in the CCIJ1* at Puhinui. Greer Caddigan is second on Gymnastik Showdown, Elise Power third on Arctic Cielo and Sophie Alexander fourth on World Famous. Sarah Young is fifth on Leo Degas, after her third in the CCIY2*, which she won last year on SS Galaxy.

  1. Sarah Young, Equador MW, 102.5 pts;
  2. Greer Caddigan, Gymnastik Showdown, 78 pts;
  3. Elise Power, Arctic Cielo, 67 pts;
  4. Sophie Alexander, World Famous, 63 pts;
  5. Sarah Young, Leo Degas, 62 pts;
  6. Bovill Jackson, Visionnaire, 60 pts.
Sarah Young and Equador MW during the NZ Horse & Pony CCN105 at Puhinui (Image: Libby Law)


Intrepid traveller Lucy Turner, from Canterbury, who made the long trip via Springs Junction to get to the Picton ferry, sitting an NCEA examination in Marlborough en route, was rewarded with a second successive title at Puhinui. Lucy won the Junior Rider (CCIJ1*) on Carbon last year, and took the Young Rider win (CCIY2*) on the same horse this year. An under-18 Canterbury hockey representative, she has leaped to the top of PGG Wrightson Junior series in the process, relegating Isaac Twigg and The Juggler to second spot. Samuel Amon has moved into third place on Trojan Warrior.

Interestingly, the outstanding winner of the Junior CCIJ1* this year, Vicky Browne-Cole on the lovely grey Australian thoroughbred Eli, has just made it into the top ten in the series, but watch her during the autumn, as she is producing him with serious intent. She has been a working pupil with Tracy Smith since May, studying by correspondence, having previously attended Waiuku College.

Lucy Turner and Carbon on their way to winning the CCI2*YR at Puhinui (Image: Libby Law)

Junior Rider standings after Puhinui:

  1. Lucy Turner, Carbon, 115 pts;
  2. Isaac Twigg, The Juggler, 104 pts;
  3. Samuel Amon, Trojan Warrior, 89 pts;
  4. Lily Patterson, Milika, 77 pts;
  5. Kate Herdson, Eon, 72 pts;
  6. Mikayla Green, Star’s Ransom, 72 pts.


Third place in the CCI2* at Puhinui, following a win in the CIC2* at Rotorua and second in the CIC2* at Arran Station, sees Madison Crowe and Waitangi Pinterest galloping in the lead of the Equestrian Entries Pro-Am series. Georgia Bennett on Johnny Castle is some distance behind in second, ahead of Chanel Campbell on Astek Guardsman.

Jessica Woods on LV Balou Jeanz is fourth, closely followed by Tayla Mason on Waimanu Highlights and Holly Morrell on Pampero, neither of whom were at Puhinui. All are competing at 1* and 2* level, apart from Waimanu Highlights, who earned most of his points at 105 before stepping up to 1*.

Madison Crowe and Waitangi Pinterest during the ISpy Horses CCI2* at Puhinui (Image: Libby Law)

Standings after Puhinui:

  1. Madison Crowe, Waitangi Pinterest, 157.5 pts;
  2. Georgia Bennett, Johnny Castle, 99 pts;
  3. Chanel Campbell, Astek Guardsman, 82 pts;
  4. Jessica Woods, LV Balou Jeanz, 78 pts;
  5. Tayla Mason, Waimanu Highlights, 77.5 pts;
  6. Holly Morrell, Pampero, 77 pts.


Alex Anderson was second in last year’s Tru-Test Amateur series on Gina VT Bloemenhof, and she is not only in the lead this year with Gina but is also lying second equal with her other horse, Danherz. Susan Le Mesurier, with Felton Road, is the other rider sharing second place.

Alex Anderson and Gina VT Bloemenhof during the NZ Horse & Pony CCN105 at Puhinui: (Image: Libby Law)

Standings after Puhinui:

  1. Alex Anderson, Gina VT Bloemenhof, 89 pts;
  2. Alex Anderson, Danherz, 57 pts;
  3. Susan Le Mesurier, Felton Road, 57 pts;
  4. Shannon Galloway, Airthrey Jean Genie, 53 pts;
  5. Melissa Lovell, Columbian Jack, 51 pts;
  6. Bryar Kirkeby, HNS Chrialka Gienah, 44 pts.


There is a good tussle at the top of the leaderboard in the Grass Roots series. It’s great to see some riders in here returning to the sport, as well as some newbies.

  1. Ashley Johnston, Miss Vee NZPH, 50 pts;
  2. Jen Buchanan, Zip It Up, 48 pts;
  3. Anna Mesman, Chester FW, 46 pts;
  4. Jane Callaghan, Weiti West End, 30 pts;
  5. Hilary Samuel, Sparky Malarkey, 21 pts;
  6. Helen McGrath, Woodbine Magic Maze, 18 pts.