Boekelo: party event

Some great fun was had at Boekelo.

The famous Cross Country AFTER PARTY at the 2016 NED-Military Boekelo CCIO3*. Saturday 8 October. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography
The famous cross-country ‘After Party’ (Image: Libby Law)

While we were not there to bring you any firsthand news from the many parties and excitement that was Boekelo, there’s plenty that can be gleaned from the various social media sites.

To get some idea of the entertainment Boekelo put on, Twitter provided us with plenty of examples. It ranged from amazing music and light displays to drag queens!

But it wasn’t all parties, there were horses involved. One was Xanthus III, ridden by Blyth Tait. Now he doesn’t have a perfect history of successfully navigating the skinnies in combinations, but check out this gallery of photos if you want to see him being particularly athletic and trying his best to get on the right side of the flag this time.  Here’s the link – fabulous photos!

Well done to Tess Anderson, Blyth’s groom who was second in the 3* grooming prize for her endeavours with Leo Distinction. Tess has groomed for Blyth for some years now, but makes regular trips back to New Zealand during our summer. She certainly does a top job, being able to party and look after two horses so well! But then she does work for Blyth…

Jonelle Price had headed to Boekelo with Cloud Dancer, travelling out with Blyth, but unfortunately the horse picked up an injury so she made the decision to withdraw early, giving Jesse Campbell the opportunity to ride for the New Zealand team. We’ve looked everywhere for evidence of what Jonelle got up to since she wasn’t riding, but perhaps she had a good book and a quiet weekend. Groom, Kerryn Edmans, however, was definitely spotted having some party action…

Dan Jocelyn had a good weekend with his mighty Beaucatcher, but did complain on Facebook that his roommates for the weekend (Blyth and Sir Mark) snored. While it was suggested he should have known to take earplugs, it seemed that Dan may have been guilty of a bit of snoring himself.  Too funny!

Now the next big event in Europe is the four-star at Pau. Caroline Powell heads there with two horses (Spice Sensation and Flying Finish) in the 4* and one (Chance Encounter) in the 2*, Jock Paget with Clifton Signature and Tim Price with Xavier Faer.  Sonja Johnson from Australia is taking Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison and Chris Burton has TS Jamaimo there. Michael Jung is the only German entered, with Fischerrocana FST and Fischertakinou. There is a good contingent of British riders taking part, including Ben Hobday (who’s snapchat posts from Boekelo were great fun), Laura Collett and Tina Cook.  Young Cathal Daniels from Ireland is taking his Rioghan Rua, with plenty of other Irish riders entered too.

Libby will be at Pau, so we will bring you reports and photos from the event.