Steiny’s long road home

Julie Brougham and her wonderful horse Vom Feinsten are soon heading back to New Zealand after their Rio adventures. There's just the quarantine to get through first...

Julie and Vom Feinsten did us proud (Image: Libby Law)
Julie and Vom Feinsten did us proud (Image: Libby Law)

Julie Brougham and Vom Feinsten (‘Steiny’) are still in England, after their great efforts in the dressage at the Rio Olympics.

Julie, who was named as NZ Horse & Pony‘s NRM Rider of the Month in the September magazine, has just updated us on how things are going for them, as they get through the required three-month period between leaving Brazil and returning to New Zealand.
Julie Brougham vom Feinsten, Rio Olympics dressage
Julie, you’re our champion! (Image: Libby Law)

“Steiny and I have been in Ledbury at Paunceford Court for a week now. It is where we stayed when we first came over before going on to Aachen. It is a very lovely and friendly place with good facilities and access to top trainers. And as an Olympian, Steiny is the star of the yard with all visitors coming to meet him. With pricked ears he gives them the ‘Valegro look-over’ and permits their pats.”

Julie is staying in the UK with Steiny for now, but after he goes into quarantine – once she is happy with how he has settled and how the staff understand him – she will come home. “I can’t wait to see him again in his home stable and paddock.”
Julie after her test at the Olympics. (Image: Jane Thompson)
Julie after her test at the Olympics (Image: Jane Thompson)

Julie isn’t just spending all day hanging out with her lovely horse, however. “The next few days are interesting here as the British Nationals are on. Early tomorrow morning I am going watch my flatmate (head girl here at Paunceford Court) ride, and I may be sitting in with a judge I know who is judging the Grand Prix and Grand Prix kur at the weekend.” There is just a little bit of red tape to negotiate on that, so hopefully it goes well for Julie, who is a dressage judge here in New Zealand.

Summing up her experiences in the last few months, she says: “Overall, it has been an amazing year for Steiny and me, and such an adventure. I couldn’t have had a better partner. It hasn’t been without its tough times, but that is the sport we are in. One just has to put the blinkers on and keep going!”

We’re looking forward to seeing you both back in New Zealand, Julie and Steiny. Happy travels!