Getting familiar with the arena

Arena familiarisation signals that it is nearly time for the action! We were on hand to catch some of the horses getting used to their "playpen" for the next few days.

The Olympic Eventing teams have been out trying out the arena today, on the eve of the competition.  The first trot-up is tomorrow morning. Our team was one of the first to take up their time allocation this morning.

Jock elected not to use the opportunity with the very experienced Clifton Lush. “He’s old and seen it all before,” Jock said. Going into the unfamiliar arena might be just the lift that Jock wants for his 17-year-old as they head into the dressage phase.

The horses looked very sleek and toned. They are certainly going into this competition without an inch of excess condition. Just what you need for fast cross-country times!

The British team also had their “play” in the arena. Kitty King’s Ceylor LAN was being very exuberant, waving to the few people watching, but Kitty soon got him settled and back into a good frame. Let’s hope that isn’t going to be repeated; the pair are usually capable of posting a good dressage score.